get rid

Get Rid of Pythium Root Rot With H202

hey how's everybody doing well this last

July I have run into a problem with one

my DWC tomatoes I end up getting a a

pinched airline so I had no air going

into my bucket and that plus we had a

really warm summer and pretty a pretty

much ended ended into a perfect storm

type situation I am getting a really bad

case of Pythium root rot so basically

the first signs I started started seeing

was that my plant looks really healthy

but also they just started wilting and

this came on really really fast well the

first thing I end up trying I'm actually

kind of bear Stephen say if I end up

putting a couple cap holes of a bleach

into the water trying to see if that

would cure it and it did nothing they

did nothing but except a waste about

week of my time so what I am doing was a

message Rock Hughes and said hey I

explained to him what I had going on and

he end up writing me back and gave me

some good information I've had issues

with pitting root brought before in the

past but nothing to this extent what

I've done in the past it basically just

said to water change just run clean

water no nutrients for three or four

days and that seemed to do a trick but

this this case it was really bad so I

ended up a Aiko saying earlier a message

Brock explain to him why I had going on

and he goes at and he bust out some h2o

too so I end up running down my local

hydroponics store picked up gallon of

food grade hydrogen peroxide I've used

before in the past and up killing one

one of my plants a few years back so I

was a little nervous by trying it but

Baraka gave me pretty clear instructions

about three mils per gallon fill all the

way to the root ball submerged is

submerged and run that for about an hour

or two then I dumped it out and I build

it back up to normal normal level with

no nutrients just water in h2o to

and I ran that for about week well

here's an important tip Brock says

something about this in his video and

and a guy there my local hydroponics

hydroponic store sorry about that a

pre-much gave me a pretty clear warning

wear some type of gloves some good

plastic or latex gloves when you're

dealing with this hydrogen peroxide if

you get this stuff on your skin once

undiluted it can really cause some

pretty nasty stuff to happen so make

sure you take the proper precautions Oh

Brock end up telling me when I added my

h2o2 to the water

go ahead mixed up lit set for about 20

minutes before you add it add it to your

DWC this is about a week after I did the

first dose and end up a lot of the roots

end up dying and falling off you can see

little pieces of roots there on the edge

of the reservoir there but um the upper

part of plant the green part of the

plant vegetation part I guess well I'm

trying to say bounce back really quick

so I was really happy with that but

within a few weeks the roots started


they stayed White House I got really

lucky there well here's a clip from in

the summer and boy the sheet bounced

back I end up getting a really good end

of summer harvest but I really did end

up missing a missing out a lot I should

had a lot bigger harvest there'd be in

the summer wasn't for about mishap but

uh live and learn and it's definitely

left a lesson learned and here's a

picture from today and this is what my

room looks like currently with that no

tomatoes but that's a different story

alright here's another clip from that

took today

so guys show off the roots right every

everybody wants to see the roots so what

what I am doing for my weekly reservoir

maintenance was I end up taking a 1-1

gallon jug I've filled it with 10 mils

of h2o to

shook it up and I spread it evenly

throughout my four reservoirs so once a

week I add this stuff and I mean look at

the roots

pretty awesome here's the Davidson

here's another one in dwc and

light doesn't really do it justice but

the roots are pretty healthy here we go

this a little bit better view I guess

but overall I was really happy with h2o

- well if you're going to grow in DWC

I'd highly recommend getting a gallon

this stuff you'll thank yourself later

especially if you have issues without

warm water temperatures in your

reservoir and stuff like that and for

now on once a week I will be adding

these sadness to all my reservoirs Anna

it sure makes life last simple we end up

having like I saying it's a really hot

summer and it wasn't for the h2o - I

definitely lost that one plant and

probably would have been struggling with

my other three plans all right guys I'm

go ahead and wrap this up and as always

thanks for taking the time to watch and

comment and have gone