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Acne treatment Ep 03 : How to remove Pustules Acne


hi guys Neri today is the third episode

of acne treatment and it's how to get

rid of pustular acting yellowish pasta

caused by inflammation is called

pustular athletes in our last video I

told you that white has rotten inside of

your skin the pustular acne is caused by

inflammation on top of it compared to

whiteheads posterior acne is much bigger

because it doesn't come from just a

single pore pustular acne comes from two

or more pores combining and causing

inflammation today I'm gonna tell you

guys how to get rid of pustular acne


plus your acne can be caused by a change

in your whiteheads or blackheads or it

can suddenly just occur there are so

many reasons it could be the environment

the food for melons etc but if you have

oily skin or your body is inflamed or

you have bad valve then you might get a

lot of pustular acne if clusterer acne

continues then it will lead to peabody

position and if we squeeze it with your

bare hands then it will lead to acne

scars oh god I have to say to get rid of

posterior acne you have to take care of

both inner and outer ladies first the

best way to get rid of pustular acne is

to go to the hospital and getting them


the main ingredient of this enzyme

Ettore injection is traction alone this

is anti-inflammatory and it's injected

straight into your face dermis this

means that it helps reduce your

information but if you get it too much

then you'll become resistant and the

worst part is that your skin may even

cave but even if your skin casein

you'll still recover in like four months

so you don't need to worry too much but

the main part is is that it's so painful

the second is cleansing cleansing is

super important for pustular acne I mean

if you put makeup on and you go outside

and you'll get a lot of dirt on your

face and so cleansing is a must right

but a lot of people think that they get

their acne because of the oil on their

faces and so they clean their faces

really really hard but this is actually

really bad for your skin

first of all you need to choose the

right cleanser like this pH balance type

our skin actually needs to stay slightly

acidic so that it can stay moisturized

you know when your skin becomes dry it

will create a lot of SIBO so eventually

you'll get even more acne this means you

should never use the alkaline type this

will break your pH balance and create

more sebum and create more acne also

always wash your face with lukewarm

water if you use water that's too hot or

too cold it'll only irritate your skin

also when you wash your face make sure

to create lots and lots of bubbles so

that it can really enter your pores and

clean them

and rip us to our acne peeling is also a

must because just like Whitehead sebum

is stuck inside of our pores so we

really need to get them out in our

previous video I actually recommended

this really mild dommage peeling product

so if you want to know how to use it

please go check out our last video the

third is to cool down your face most

people get heated on their face when

they get stressed stress causes heat to

rise to your face and this heat will

cause SEPA ways to cool down your face

is also included in our last video so

please go check it out the last is

extrusion or popping let me just say

this you should never ever ever do this

at home ever I know in our last video I

said that you could do extrusion at home

for whiteheads but pustules let me say

it's just more complicated because as I

said this posterior acne is connected to

other pimples and also inflammation so

if you're not an expert then you can't

perfect be extracted so the home care

method would be to control your

inflammation step by step but if you

have a lot of posterior acne I recommend

that you go to the doctor ASAP

and our next thing you know I'll show

you guys further how to get rid of your

posterior acting at home and I hope this

was helpful for you guys please stay

tuned for the next video give us a huge

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guys next time bye