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How to get rid of pus filled pimples? - Dr. Rasya Dixit


hi I am dr. Rossi eviction I'm a

dermatologist in private practice in

Bangalore from the last 15 years there

are many types of acne and the ones

which are actually causing more

disfiguring to the face and the ones

which are filled with pus Yoshi with pus

filled acne dermatologists like to

prescribe oral antibiotic and topical

antibiotic as well as an slick acid face

wash when we give these combinations the

first reduces but the important thing is

how to prevent the pus filled acne from

coming back again one is an important

change in your lifestyle to exercise

more to reduce the amount of dairy

frightful and sugar in your diet and

this has to happen on a long-term basis

to prevent the frequent recurrence of

acne along with that use a good

salicylic acid face wash twice a day and

make sure that you are not picking and

dispersed too because when you pick it

acne it can leave two scars which can

cause long-term problems with the skin

so next time you fail you are getting

more possible acne look at your time and

if it is not getting better with the

changes in the diet or the salicylic

acid face wash

Tomita dermatologist who can look at if

there is any underlying hormonal problem

and then prescribe the correct treatment

to you so that you get scar free skin