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Q&A – How do you get rid of purselane?

"How can you get rid of purselane?

It is all over my garden."

And this is from Rose, in Stanton, Tennessee.

You know about purselane, don't you Mr. D.? - Oh yeah.


- Succulent leaves right, produces by seeds, root fragments.

Do you know about purselane Miss Debbie.

- (Debbie) I just pulled up a bunch of it.

- (Chris) There you go, and you better make sure you

get all of it, because the seeds can actually survive in the ground for 40 years.

- (Debbie) Oh my goodness.

- Be careful.

Survival folks.

- Yep.

- Yeah, that's what that is.

So how do we control that, and speaking of control, I know one means of control, they're


The leaves are actually edible.

- So they're not toxic?

- Really?

- So eat 'em, huh.

- You can eat them.

- Are they good.

- Eh, they taste pretty good.

They're succulent.

- Especially if you have a big chunk of bacon in them.

- Yeah, you have some like that it would taste better, right.

So yeah, we know that they're edible, but how else can we control them.

- In a vegetable garden, you know, you got your hoe.

Good old cultivation, run your cultivator if you've got one.

I know there aren't many pre-emergent herbicides or post-emergent herbicides that you can spray

in the garden-- - (Chris)

Mm-mm, not in the garden.

- that all your vegetables wouldn't be affected.

Treflan has some activity on it, and it's cleared for use on some vegetables, but not

all of them.

- (Chris) Yes.


- But, I'd probably stick with mechanical.

And using a hoe and cultivator.

In my garden.

Now in your yard-- - (Chris)

Yeah it's a different story.

- Is a totally different story.

You can use several pre-emergent products, and post-emergent products.

- (Chris) You sure can.

Yeah dithiopyr, pendimethalin... in your lawn for a pre-emergent.

Post, anything that contains what, Post, 2,4-D, Dicamba, you know that kind of stuff.

- That can also wipe your garden out.

- Yeah, that will wipe your garden out, yeah.

You can do that in the lawn setting but not in your garden.

So garden hoe Miss Rose, garden hoe.

That will help you out.