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How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast | Natural Remedies for Stretch Mark Removal | What's TRENDing

we know that stretch marks can be a huge source of stress for some of us so

before we get into that let's learn a little bit more about what kinds of

stretch marks there are and what are the causes of them

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out right away go go go but today we're gonna be talking about something that

gives us a lot of stress especially during the summer days when we're

wearing tank tops shorts and bikinis and while we know that wishtrenders are

beautiful inside and out and we encourage you to love yourself flaws and

all we know that stretch marks can be a huge source of stress for some of us

especially because we never really asked for it and just like our complexion

stretch marks can be treated and prevented using effective skin care so

before we get into that let's learn a little bit more about what kinds of

stretch marks there are and what are the causes of them

causes and types of

stretch marks stretch marks form on your stomach chest calves buttocks knees and

other places on your body and there are three main causes for stretch marks

number one sudden weight gain or growth spurts sudden weight gain or growth

spurts actually stretch your skin more than it is able to which causes tears in

your skin number two changes in skin and body caused by hormonal weight change

this can be caused by puberty pregnancy or obesity number three lack

of proteins and vitamins this causes your body to not be in the healthiest

state that it can be making it less lenient to bodily changes now there are

two types of stretch marks red stretch marks and white stretch marks number one

red stretch makes red stretch marks aren't indents in your

skin but rather small red lines that go across your skin these are newer forms

of stretch marks that means that they haven't fully developed into a

full-blown stretch mark yet these can be improved by frequent massages using

ointment or moisturizer number two white stretch marks as time passes red stretch

marks turn into white stretch marks that's because our skin tightens and it

creates the indent or the white stretch mark that we are used to seeing the best

method to remove white stretch marks is through laser treatment how to remove

stretch marks by type now that you know a little bit more about the types of

stretch marks let's talk about how to remove them like we mentioned earlier

for red stretch marks they can be actually improved by using skin care

prevent red stretch marks into turning into white stretch marks by promoting

collagen production by using products that contain ingredients such as

tretinoin tretinoin is a derivative of a type of vitamin A if you consistently

take care of your stretch marks by massaging or using these kinds of

products it reduces the appearance of stretch marks by up to 20%

also it's important to know that those who are pregnant or nursing should avoid

this ingredient for white stretch marks the most effective way to treat them is

to use fractional laser treatment because this will actually produce

collagen here in Korea five laser treatments is equivalent to around a

thousand US dollars depending on the hospital and type of laser the prices

will vary but usually it's around the same price in the US as well it's a

painless and easy procedure and once you're done with it you can actually

walk around with no irritation but the downside to laser treatment is that it

does take time so that means you're gonna have to do multiple laser sessions

over multiple months and because this can get pretty costly the best thing to

do is to prevent them from becoming full-blown stretch marks so how do you

prevent stretch marks number one try to eat foods that will prevent stretch marks

this means eating foods that are high in iron

we recommend eating oysters fish red meat shellfish and nuts and beans

The lack of iron can actually impede your body from producing collagen so if you

want to produce that collagen not only will it prevent stretch marks but will

also help with your skin as well so make sure you take that iron number 2: reach

for stretch mark fighting ingredients when our skin gets dry the outer barrier

of our skin becomes weak making it easier for stretch marks to form this is

why after showering it is so so so important to moisturize parts of your

body where you feel like stretch marks are prone we recommend using products

that have hyaluronic acid to really lock in the moisture and Centella Asiatica

to soothe skin and provide that strength that your skin barrier needs hyaluronic

acid increases the production of fibroblasts which is a main synthesiser

in the production of collagen it also functions as a strong moisturizing agent

and can be found in plenty of lotions we recommend using a product that is

lightweight fast absorbing and gentle enough that you can use on an infant

this ensures that your skin is fully nourished without any irritation

centella asiatica also merges collagen and elastin fibers this is great for

restoring and regenerating your skin and also strengthening your skin's barrier

look for centella products that have a high percentage of centella in it and

also has a light weight gel like texture that is comfortable on your skin but

also super moisturizing number 3 massaging your skin can help to release

tension on your skin so it's also really really great for preventing stretch

marks simply give your skin a good massage with a trusty body lotion number

one after showering and your body is still slightly damp massage your body

with moisturizer apply a mixture of oil and a cream that has the product

tretinoin in it then massage your body on your stomach butt or any other places

where you feel like stretch marks are prominent

after applying the mixture on your body massage in clockwise circular motions as

you massage further away from your stretch mark decrease the size of your

circular motions when massaging your buttocks or thighs massage upwards

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