get rid


people aren't telling you that's not a

natural black you got going on your lips

I know your pilot okay well that was

your problem why are you telling us well

let me tell you see your problem too

because a lot of y'all walking around

here burnt out what's up everybody is

popular in here coming to another video

so there's a for most um I was on my

face I'm actually doing a tumeric I

slashed face mask to try to get rid of

some of these oh Jesus these bags honey

these bags it sounds serious

I tell you stress is a powerful thing

also I have like hyperpigmentation in

this area and also on my forehead but i

covered that with my bandana so don't

mind that you know i'm just trying to

make myself beautiful and great again

you know as y'all see from the title of

but let me take my glasses off because i

think i already think people be hearing

me whenever you talk about this today

i'm gonna be showing you guys how to

lighten your lips so we're gonna be

using all-natural products this is

everything that you are going to need in

order to get this done

coconut oil lemon juice or you can use

an actual lemon you pick whichever one

is easier for you or whichever one you

have on hand also you're gonna need some

type of honey i prefer you know raw

unfiltered honey or something real

natural and organic then you're gonna

want to get a cup or some type of bowl

and then a new fresh toothbrush okay

don't be using the one that you use to

brush your teeth that's just nasty okay

and to really get the party started

because I didn't already started get you

some alcohol you know I don't know if

you need honey but I'm trying to get

this body correct so I'm just gonna be

using a white cloth so just real quick

transparent moment bye

and trick my white car period point

Lizzie Blake dress stress is something

serious you know what I mean also I just

PCs to my new base and in the process of

doing so I kind of revert it back to

some of the bad habits that I got away

from that bad habit being smoky yes your

girl loves her


Oh dingy no offense I wasn't even

getting like my good old $30 $40 cigars

no more I was much to the story getting

the black and milds

you know the Jazz's would tip plastic to

no sand the casinos select plastic to

the wine plastic and wood tip yeah your

girl was out here or me smoking can

sometimes be very fuel it sometimes be

very aforex I think it's because the

deep breaths that come up smoking so

basically I'm at a higher stress level

or if my anxiety kicks in

I will go to smoking because something

about going outside and who and watching

this smoke come out my my my mouth sorry

oh the liquor is getting to me something

about the smoke coming out my mouth is

very relaxing so basically I tapped back

into some of those bad habits like I

said that I was trying to get away from

before and in the process of doing so my

lips it was getting purple yeah you

thought I was gonna say black none

actually I have darker lips a lot of

Melanie people may have darker lips so

like my mom has darker lips some of my

family members my cousins they have

darker lips as well however bro if I

smoke consistently like I was throwing

them things I was throwing them things

that you know the corners they was

getting wrinkly her pole there was like

an arm break going on and I was like oh

yeah oh yeah we got a slow your roll

slow your roll big homey

slow your roll Playboy like I was like

oh like I don't know if you guys know

but I'm not the Google it for you and

I'm about to read a [ __ ] off of smoking

accelerates the skins aging process

causing wrinkles one reason for this is

nicotine reduce blood flow exposure tar

and nicotine can also cause the melanin

in your lips and gums to darken leading

to an even pigmentation they may appear

blotchy purple dark brown or black

basically you 20 and your lips is

turning 60 like how does that work

regardless of whether it's cigarette

same thing whether it's nicotine or

whether it's the goji you know I'm

saying the greenery you know I'm talking

about period just heat coming into that

area around the mouth get will cause um

you know that area in here you know

here to get dark and then also the

corners over the corners so I can turn

you gotta push down just never that

serious a lot of people struggle with

this whether they believe it or not I'm

here to tell you you are you are burnt

out right now and we need to fix it so

I'm gonna show you guys how you guys can

like new lips real simple real easy I'm

gonna show you guys how I do it it's

literally like boom boom boom bop bop

bop no you know I'm saying all this

stuff I'm about to show you all should

be in your kitchen maybe in your kitchen

if it's not in your kitchen you can go

system go get it it's real simple so

we're just gonna get into that and then

that's it so kiss and thank me later for

being honest with you like okay thank

you for that later because people just

let you walk around here thinking you

not backed out you know it's it's kind

of disheartening I was gonna do a voice

over but it's really no need like when

literally like I just do this like

Brutus you know I'm saying so boom

get your cup boom period so other people

may do this differently like you

couldn't try to find your own way but

like literally it's nothing like I'm not

gonna measure nothing because when do I

ever like this is like you know when

your grandma cook she just started

putting stuff your lips only so big you

know what I'm saying so measure

according to the size of your lips like

some honey this is my kitchen so I'm not

gonna put too much change is Saint gist

boom let it simmer shake it up a little

bit let it marinate so you could use any

sugar like I got today y'all I'm not

that tired that's like oh my god you got

to use this I am gonna use this sugar in

the raw I showed you all the big sugar

but like I'm just going to use this

right now because I don't feel like

tipping that over and like I just

cleaned my bathroom so like we don't

have time for that so boom take it dump


bone bone that's it y'all gonna have to

use lemon juice if you have a lemon on

hand as I've showed y'all y'all can use

that too but to me they both work the

same okay normally with the lemon if I

was to just use a raw living umm what

I'll do and all I'm doing right now is

just mixing it up what I'll do is

instead of putting the lemon juice in

here I'll put the honey which that will

make no sense I've seen somebody take

the lemon just put on a lips and just

to sit there which I guess but then not

just do what I'm doing so both we're

just gonna mix it up now you've got this

little you know this little thing going

on you know I'm saying and let me tell

you let me tell you before I put it on

my lips it's not taste good because go

see peeling off a little bit don't eat

this okay remember why we're doing this

you came with a perfect just gonna take

it we want to use your finger you can I

mean but you know um Josh it thank you

so good so the sugar kind of works as an

exfoliant all right we're gonna take it

do a little scrubbing dub dub you know

mmm a circular motion a circular motion

you could do that for however long you

feel necessary I don't know yeah I

really just do this it like you don't

attend it no rhyme or reason to me you

already notice but I mean if you looking

forward time maybe 35 to 45 seconds and

then from here honey you just let it sit

and marinate and do his thing you know

I'm saying oh I was drinking I'm gonna

do this cuz I'm still gonna drink like

this is one monkey don't stop the show

hold on alright so let this sit for life

do you know I got me a little strong so

let this sit for like ah mmm

obviously you can't let it sit for

however long you want I mean what it

what is going to who what is gonna do

five minutes ten minutes however long

you feel like for me it's probably gonna

be ten minutes only because I do got

this mask on and once I'm gonna sit I'm

gonna just come back to you guys and

show you guys what we're gonna do I'm

back and I got a hurry up because during

that timeframe I had about three more of

those so it's almost it's time to go so

at this point what you want to do take

your toothbrush so I show Joe a new

toothbrush because I want you to


you don't need to be using the same

toothbrush to brush teeth once and I

want to emphasize that however I have a

designated toothbrush already separate

from the toothbrush that I use already

our hands I'm not hoping in that but at

this point what you want to do like I

say everybody does it different but this

is how I do it so usually this is what I


I dress yeah you can see visual learner

be a visual learner today just hit a

little wax on wax off a little little

corners did you know them corner she I

could don't Carter yeah I'm there yes

anyway that's I want to say don't do too

hard okay you don't want to do it too

hard because you didn't hurt yourself

you know and these bristles sometimes be

a little hard so you could do this for

how long you see my bad y'all going no

y'all see how I'm naturally have darker

lips but I know it ain't not natural no

more and it was not natural but at this

point you take your coconut oil you

really don't you have to use coconut oil

I love coconut oil I always have it on

standby somewhere I have probably like

three drawers in here I love coconut oil

or you can just use some good-ass I mean

it cuts like that my bad you could use

some good old Carmack's you know I mean

I keep coming back so handsome cuz my

lips too big to be crusty hit one of

these after you take the coconut oil

your lips gonna be tingling a little bit

because of what you just did my name

phone baby yeah

clean your corners and that's it like

you just do that that's all you do I'm

so sorry that I'm trying this gummy on

but like

stop smoking so governments what it is

right now so just deal with it that's

you know let me be great that's all you

guys have to do you guys can do this as

often as you would like if you do it

twice a day once a week you know you

find out what works for you like I said

me personally I think I did this like

once every three days for like a week

and I already saw them on this real

lightning but really once I stopped

smoking like which it's been like what

four days I'm og step out field but oh

yeah once I stopped smoking I noticed

that my lips and actually just yeah but

this doesn't even have to just be for

people who smoke some people just don't

like how dark their lips are in general

for whatever reason so if that's you you

can also try this as well and yeah

that's kind of it hey let me know in the

comments down below what you think of

this video and let me know if it works

out for you or if you have any other

ingredients that you think people should

try in this little concoction let me

know down in the comments below I'm

about to go because I'm getting liddie

mmm don't sleep on ease don't sleep on

either the white halls don't sleep

undies hope you guys enjoyed this video

and how much have you guys with