get rid

how to Remove hair color Without Bleach (in 20 min)

hi guys so based on the title you

already know what I'm doing but I now is

literally less than a week ago whenever

I dyed my hair purple because I'm

impulsive and now I'm impossibly trying

to get it back blonde

um I didn't really think if you watch

the video you saw like a midway through

we have a realization that I have

auditions I have to film also I didn't

think about this until halfway done

making my hair purple but you don't know

I do like acting on the side and I have

a lot of auditions right now like I can

record them and I submit them online I

didn't think about that until after my

hair was already half purple and I like

me or purple but like it's time you

blonde yet

I've shampooed it a lot and so it has

faded a lot from whenever I dyed it and

I could probably wait a couple more

weeks and I'd be back to normal blonde

but I don't have the time so that may be

like if you dyed your hair color and you

either just hate it or you just need to

get it back blonde and you don't want to

bleach your hair um I really don't wanna

bleach my hair I know I will really mess

it up and I don't want to damage my hair

done a lot to my hair and I just want to

make sure it is in a good state so this

is a way to get all of the color out of

your hair without bleaching it without

damaging it and I watched um this one

girls video Oh her name is Ravi Corey

that's her YouTube channel so I'm gonna

put it in the description that's the

video I watched because I didn't even

search for this it just popped up in my

recommended and I was like this is a

sign you need to be blonde again so I

did a strand house already and obviously

it worked

it is like white blonde right there

compared to the rest of my hair and so I

know that it works my hair like this

strand feels healthy it doesn't feel

damaged and so I wanted to do that to

make sure I wouldn't completely mess up

my hair so basically what you do is you

take equal parts Dawn dish soap it

doesn't have to be done but some kind of

dish soap developer I only have 20

volume developer she said that she

recommended you use 10 volume but I only

have 20 volumes who are doing that and

then purple shampoo again doesn't matter

what brand it is purple shampoo and then

baking soda mine literally is in a bag

it looks like Coke I'm so sorry but it's

not coke it's baking soda I just like

grease for some reason don't have the


cut equal parts all into like a

container I hire do you have some mix

from whenever I did this strand but

we're gonna mix more because I'm gonna

be more than that to do my old head I'm

also kind of debating not including the

purple shampoo and mine obviously you

can include the purple shampoo I just

like I prefer my blonde hair not to be I

see why eat not to be cool toned I like

warm toned blonde just because I think

it looks more natural and better on me

that's what my hair was before I mean I

still use purple shampoo to get like if

it's like pure yellow or orange out but

I just don't want it to be completely

icy blonde like this strip is so I might

not put a lot of purple shampoo in mind

but feel free to put as much as you want

and yours if you're doing this I'm

literally just putting it into this

container that I already have I really

hope this is enough for my hair um yours

will probably be a lot more purple

mine's more blue just because I didn't

put any extra purple shampoo in it I'm

just gonna section off my hair and then

we'll start putting it on okay so I just

sectioned off my hair and I put half of

it up and then now what you're gonna do

is just take this and smother it all

over your hair I literally don't have a

brush though to do this so I'm gonna be

using it'll make a brush that I don't

care about to put this all of my hair

normally I would be really scared to do

this but I did the strand test so I'm

not really not worried honestly I'm just

excited for my hair not to be purple

just like any other time you're dyeing

your hair you want to do small sections

to make sure you get every single strand

because that if you just miss a piece

and you're just gonna be splotchy and we

don't want that god I'm literally so

impulsive I literally put the video of

me actually dying they're purple less

than a week ago and Here I am they have

a more like Gemini Lily thing to do ever

I'm literally using a makeup brush to do

this what am i doing okay this is

obviously going to take me awhile so I'm

gonna do the bottom half of my ear and

then come back and show you guys okay so

I just at the bottom half of my hair so

now I'm going to take out this part and

smother all over top half of my hair and

I literally spilled it all over my legs

so that's crazy


I like really focusing it on the ends

too because like the top part of my ear

like from there my root down to like the

midsection isn't even really that purple

it's more the ends because that's where

it was blonde I'm still going all the

way through because the dye was on the

brown anyways I just I really wish the

salons were open so I didn't have to be

doing this right now literally

quarantined turned all of us into

hairdresser is so we all turned into

artists and hairdressers and just

discovered new talents about ourselves

but you know it's a good thing we all

learned how to do some new things this

is like kind of boring so I'm just gonna

come back once my whole head is done so

now it's all in my hair and I'm going to

sing a plastic bag because that's what

she did in the video and put it on my

head apparently you need a heap for this

to work I didn't put a plastic bag on

the one strand i Strand tested so I

don't think this is totally necessary I

could be wrong maybe it's necessary for

like large chunks of hair like this but

it wasn't necessary for the one strand I


so she said leave it on for like 15-20

minutes so we're gonna do I'm probably

just you who watch Netflix really

fifteen minutes and then show you guys

in it before I wash it out so you guys

can see what it looks like before I get

in the shower okay so it's been like um

it's been like 10-15 minutes since it's

been on so obviously you can see there's

no pink or purple in my hair anymore it

kind of has like this greeny blue tint

to it but maybe that's what the purple

shampoo is supposed to do and pull out

but um I'm just gonna go wash this like

shampoo condition it put a lot of

conditioner in it cuz it's probably

dried out my hair some and probably use

a purple shampoo and then once I wash it

I'll come back and like dry it and then

show you guys what it looks like so this

is my hair after I shower and blow-dried

it and everything obviously there's no

more purple left in it and it feels

really healthy still like I know a lot

of you guys are probably skeptical and

being like oh my god it's gonna damage

your hair but does my hair look fried no

it does not like my hair feels healthy

it's like it was like a little bit dry

but I feel like if you just really deep

condition your hair it'll be completely


my hair looks exactly a good day before

I dyed my hair purple and it still

surprises me that it worked because I

know I watched videos of people doing it

but like it still shocks me how could it

works and like oh my god I'm so happy

oh but yeah I have no professional hair

person I don't know anything about hair

like actually and so I don't know if

this is going to work on every color but

I just know that it worked on me and so

I wanted to share that and I saw that it

works on like pinks and purples um I saw

one girl trying it on her blue hair and

it didn't work as well so I think it

really just depends on what color hair

you have what brand you used but it

definitely worked for mine whenever I

use the arctic fox hair dye so keep that

in mind but yeah thanks for watching if

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