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How I turned my black gums to pink (Life-changing Gum Depigmentation Experience)

hi, I'm Vivian, I'm at the Center for Advanced  Periodontal and Implant Therapy today because  

I am getting my gummy smile fixed and gum  depigmentation. I'm super excited this morning  

because something I've been wanting to get done  forever, it's finally happening. I'm going to  

get my thumbs down because I actually have excess  gum and working on TV as an actress and as a host,  

your teeth are so important, and I always  had like little teeth I had teeth that had  

like a really big gap so I fix the gap part  but the excess gum has been the thing I've  

been told about several times over by a lot  of different dentists and I'm finally going  

to get it handled today. which I'm really  excited about because in Hollywood everyone  

wants the big perfect straight white teeth and I  can have really healthy teeth but they're hidden  

underneath my gum so by getting them lifted a  little bit and I can show my beautiful teeth  

I'm hiding my whole life and I don't have to  do anything crazy like veneers or Lumineers,  

where it's actually gonna take away from my  teeth so I get to keep my healthy teeth as  

is I'm so excited and I promise you guys when I  have my awesome smile like I'll let you all know.

I am so excited to be back here in the office  because I am about a month and a half post-op,  

and it's really changed my life in so many ways.  I work on camera as an actress and as a TV host  

so my smile is so important because it's how  I kind of how I get work and I really didn't  

realize how much of an impact it would make  until afterward after I filled before I was but  

more self-conscious about my smile because in Los  Angeles everyone has the big pearly white teeth  

and a lot of veneers and as a young host young  talent here that just wasn't really affordable for  

me and also I didn't feel like it was necessary  since I do have healthy having excess gum was  

a real big health issue for me before the surgery  as well, because a lot of people were prescribing  

with medications or say I needed things I didn't  because I just naturally had excess gums and now  

that I do it's really exciting since I know  my dentist finally be happy with me. He's  

all you said that you have excess gum it's  not life-threatening but it moves you to do  

something about it and now literally four years  later I have and that's all thanks to Dr. Aalam.  

The surgery process was actually a lot easier  than I thought it was. I was out the entire  

time I was under anesthesia and when I woke up, I  didn't have much pain the actual recovery process  

was about a week for me and it was pretty easy  it was off pain meds within a few days I didn't  

really bleed much and I was able to work in  the activeness but then like a week and a half,  

and one thing I really loved is that  Dr. Aalam was so communicated with me,  

to check up on me make sure I was doing the right  things and let me just make me feel comfortable  

as a client in the patient here, and yeah it's a  month and a half later in my mouth is completely  

different it's really impacted the fact that  I go to auditions all the time and I feel more  

confident and look better and I've been getting  so many compliments that really touched me,  

because you know growing up I wasn't necessarily  the prettiest girl. I'm kind of a late bloomer so  

attention still kind of throws me off and now  so many people come up to me my smile is so  

beautiful and bright and I get a lot of questions  about what do I use but like what why is my mouth  

looking like this and if I have veneers I'd  love to say no I don't I got depigmentation,  

I got the excess gum removed and showing them  the before and afters because it's something  

that anyone really can do to improve their smile  improve their health and do it in a safe way,  

so I'm just so grateful I'm really  excited to see how this impacts my work.

I've gotten three times as many auditions  just in the past two weeks knives on all  

of 2019 and I feel like that's because of  my confidence my beautiful smile and the  

fact I'm so happy with the results, so thank  you again to Dr. Aalam for changing my life  

possibly altering the whole path of my career,  and giving me a reason to smile. Thank you so  

much after long really like you haven't just  my career and my aesthetic so this really is  

but it changed my whole life I feel so much  more confident, and I know that my teeth are  

healthy and they look healthy. I didn't have  to you know do something like getting Veneers  

or Lumineer it's been so much crazy amounts of  money for no reason, you really helped me show  

my natural beauty within my teeth in my smile  and I'm so grateful to you and I know about  

everyone that I know that has been impressed  by my nice smile my new mouth will be banging  

on your door soon. so I'm happy I've been able  to bond is turning with you thank you so much.

Well, it was my pleasure I mean you were a  gem to work with. Everything's came out great,  

you had a great outcome it's just a pleasure to  be around, and put a big smile on anybody's face,  

so thank you for giving me the opportunity to  help you and I'm going to spread this is this  

knowledge is technique along the border of people,  and show people that we can have okay that having  

bogus mine or pigmented gums can be fixed with  this minimum invasive technique, thank you.