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How to Get Rid of Worms in Dogs And Puppies Naturally?

Hi, Mirko here from Healthy Pet Systems.

Today I will tell you 5 home remedies to get rid of worms in dogs and puppies naturally.

So let's start.

First one, carrots.

Chopping some carrots and mixing it with your dog’s food, will help to deworm your pet.

Second, oregon grape.

This contains berberine, which is used to fight infections and to improve the immune


It also works as an antiseptic, so it is great for many things.

It can be used in drops and given to your pet twice a day, depending on its weight.

Third, enzyme supplements.

Enzymes are known for making worms get weak and destroying them.

Papain, which can be found in papayas and dried figs, contain these types of enzymes

and will help to get rid of worms.

Fourth, fasting.

Although it may seem harsh and not very nice, putting your pet on a fast, can help to eliminate

worms in its system.

By simply not giving it anything to eat for 24 hours, once a week, you will be helping

your pet to defecate worms and to prevent them from coming back again.

Without food, worms can’t survive.

Fifth, wormwood.

This is a very effective home remedy for getting rid of worms and it has been used for many


You must be careful when using this, as it has some oils which your dog may be allergic


So do not overuse this herb.

To find out more, I created a great guide about the worms in dogs.

In it, you will find 11 symptoms dogs with worms have, 5 types of worms a dog can have,

guides on how to get rid of worms in dogs, what causes dogs to get worms,

and 5 home remedies for worms.

The link is down below in a description.

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