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Dog Dandruff: 5 New Remedies

is your dog's dandruff driving you crazy

or these are five natural remedies that

are surprisingly effective hello welcome

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your dog has a pile of dandruff you're

probably wanting to do something about

it and you're wondering like is there

more than just what my pet suggests

dandruff is just dead skin and if you're

dealing with excessive dandruff we're

we're dealing with excessive amounts of

dead skin so after brushing Pippy if you

guys want to have a look at what comes

out of her fur on top of this black

binder all those white flecks not

something you especially want to see in

your dog one of the big things you can

do to help your dog with dandruff is

adding in some of the really good

positive fats that make can make a

really big difference for overall skin

health omega-3 fatty acids are pretty

key but one in particular you probably

hadn't haven't heard of its called this

it's hemp oil hemp is also really rich

in the Omega threes um some of the dogs

don't respond as well especially those

with dandruff to say some of the more

traditional mega 3 fatty acids such as

those found in flax oil or even fish oil

hemp oil is another really good option

I've had a number of dogs and dog owners

report like this stuff really worked so

for based on this Hampton based on

pinky's size that would be about 1

tablespoon twice a day I also suggest

starting out with a smaller dose the

first two to three days just making sure

your dog tolerates that well and there's

no vomiting diarrhea the next I want you

to consider safflower oil so safflower

is a

really healthy natural vegetable oil

kind of looks you look at the picture on

the bottle here it kind of looks like a

sunflower the biggest thing about

safflower is that it's got the highest

percent of a thing called natural

ceramides and these are sort of relating

to these healthy fats that make up the

big barrier the natural skin barrier a

real easy thing to do is you can give it

to your dog orally as well as topically

you know pretty typical Dov's about a

tablespoon for fifty pounds of body

weight once or twice daily you can also

put it on your dog's skin third you've

got to get more moisture in the air we

got to get more moisture into your dog's

skin because as you know yourself when

your house is especially dry say you

this time of year it's the wintertime

your skin is dying out prematurely and

guess what there's more dry flaky skin

aka dander we hope you didn't see any

dander follow that hair but if you did

it's because it's winter it's dry

probably you don't have this thing

running enough so what can you do like

the easiest thing is just get yourself

an inexpensive humidifier yea add some

water you keep got keep that going in

your house especially where your dog is

spending most of his or her time what I

really like to do is not only just add

in the water but I'm also I'm adding in

there's probably two to four cups of

water but I'm also adding in 20 drops of

this and it's lavender essential oil

lastly and there are a couple of

shampoos I want you to consider first

I've discussed in the past the use of

selsun blue gasp yes a over-the-counter

shampoo this one is used for people may

actually now have a botanical herb

variety some of the thought is that some

of the people along with some of the

dogs that have excessive dandruff will

have like an underlying fungal infection

how would you do it you to lather up

your dog similar to how you're going to

champion a way you're gonna leave that

on for a full ten minutes then we're

thoroughly rinse it off I would

encourage you to do it as a Matt

of twice a week initially you know the

first couple weeks then going down to

once a week you're gonna know within the

first sort of two weeks or so whether or

not this is being effective or not so

the last but not least remedy I want you

to consider is a natural shampoo it's

actually my stinky dog shampoo which can

work really well for our dogs that have

dandruff one we're starting out with

green tea too we're gonna be using two

tablespoons of this concentrated soap

it's called castile soap three we're

going to be using ten drops of lavender

essential oil and four we're gonna be

using two tablespoons of apple cider

Vayner so all those in different

combination can do multiple things to be

really beneficial for your dog's skin

but in particular they can work really

well for our dogs that have underlying

allergies and secondary skin fungal

infections that can play a big role and

causing her dogs to have dandruff all

this excess excessive dead dying skin no

pp will guzzle that as soon she's

already eating no no don't eat that

she's eating the late

she's eating the top of the bottle no

picture okay thanks so much for watching

this edition of entering secrets on my

top 5 natural remedies for dandruff in

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