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ENT Manifestations of Migraine 14: Ear Fullness, Dizziness, Pulsatile Tinnitus

this young lady has a one year history

of a new onset of dizziness symptoms

which started with actual pulsing in her

right ear

she had fullness and pressure and was

seen and was treated with I think

injection of steroid in the ear with

placement of a temp an ostomy - which

remains and which did not help and then

some fullness developed in the other ear

is that correct yes and you were never

really having actual headache but you

have a lot of headache in your family is

that right yes so other family members

have migraine headache yes my dad and my

sister but you didn't get it no no but

your symptoms have been aggravated by

stress and by dehydration yes and by

fatigue yes and so it occurred to us

after ruling out problems with fluid

hidden in the mastoid and other more

dangerous problems that could account

for placing in the ear that this could

be a migraine related problem so yes so

we did begin a medication it's migraine

specific and you've had a response is

that right yep yeah I feel much better I

never would have thought migraines

I just felt down I never felt good but I

never would have thought would have been

migraine related it was all in my ear

and after you brought up migraines to me

it dawned on me that it could be

migraine related well

stress dehydration and fatigue are three

very strong migraine triggers but you're

not having any headache or any sinus

pressure the only pressure you have is

in the ears correct

so obviously yeah that seems to be your

headache pattern yes so it seems that we

have had about a 70% reduction in all of

those symptoms okay and we are just

tweaking your regimen to see if we can

achieved 100% yep we're getting there

yeah that's great I thank you very much

for sharing your story I'm sure there

are others who have had similar

frustrating attempts to identify a cause

yeah of their symptoms in a year we will

I'm sure that they will find your story

valuable yes yep thank you thank you