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Auto Detailing : How to Get Rid of Vomit Smell in a Car

hi my name is Tim Duke with premier d10

located here in Orem Utah and I'm going

to show you how to remove vomit smell

first you're going to want to vacuum it

at all this was the area that had the

vomit in it and then what we use the

citrus-based degreaser cleaner and

you're going to want to just kind of

soak that in there and what we have here

is a nylon just stiff bristles kind of

brush you can get them at autozone or

your car detailing place and just kind

of once you put the degreaser on there

just kind of lightening things up and

then it's all about agitation you just

want to work it in real nice and just

kind of free some of the free dirt and

then buff over it with a nice white

towel as you can see the process you're

going through all that dirt then you're

going to want to spray over it with our

enzyme cleaner and the enzymes what it

does is it will break down the actual

bacteria and everything in the vomit and

break it down is where it can be

vacuumed up and dried so once you spray

that on you're going to want to go over

it more agitation agitation heat and

extraction of the three methods used

best for removing stains and smells and

again just buff over it with your towel

use a clean size you can see the

difference you're making and there's

some of that vomit there you just kind

of got to a jeté tit and get it all up

and then once it dries you're going to

want to leave your windows down so it

can dry and then once it's all the way

completely dry you're gonna want to go

back over and just vacuumed it a few

more times to get the rest of the dried

off bacteria and everything that the

enzymes have broken down you want to get

all those removed so that's how you

remove vomit smell