get rid

Get Rid of the Smell of Vomit in a Carpet

how to get rid of the smell of vomit in

a carpet whether your friends took one

too many tequila shots or your toddler

had his first foray into the world of

seeing his dinner in Reverse it's time

to get that smell out of the carpet

well cover a few methods that won't help

you forget what you've seen but will

help you forget what you've smelled

using laundry detergent

so the area in water to loosen any

leftover residue

try not to allow excess water to Xin to

other areas of the carpet as this may

spread the stain and make it hard to

vacuum all the water out of the carpet

needless to say remove any air solid

bits that may be left over and if you

need an article about getting rid of

vomit stains try how to clean vomit out

of carpet well be concentrating on the

stench for now

ruch a small amount of laundry detergent

into the wet carpet with a stiff

bristled cleaning brush if you're

worried about your carpet you can dilute

it with a little bit of water a bit of

peroxide is another possible additive

but only if your carpet is white you

don't want to risk making the stain

worse the smell may seem like it's

getting stronger at first this is only

because it's getting wet rising to the

surface and escaping don't freak out yet

vacuum out the soapy water with a shop

vacuum or wet/dry vacuum if you don't

have a vacuum soak up the liquid with a

dry towel a wet vac will be much more

efficient but a towel can work it just

may take an hour or two sitting on the

stain for the towel to absorb everything

went once more with water to rinse the

carpet of excess soap brush it in gently

lifting the soap to the top if any has

become entrenched in the fibers

this step may have to be repeated

several times to remove the soap from

the carpet fiber if so does get left in

the carpet it could harden and lead to

slight discoloration so while this step

seems harmless not doing so may prevent

your carpet from returning to good as


vacuum again to remove excess water in a

Lao area to dry don't jump to any

conclusions yet you don't know what the

carpet will be like until it's

completely dry so if the stain or smells

persist give it a bit of time and then

try some alternate methods it may just

be a waiting game

finish with Febreze if desired why

settle for no smells when you can have

good smells spray some Febreze over the

area if you'd like to seal the deal