get rid

2 Minutes to Reduce Puffy Eyes

now work to eye level with everything

have nice clean hands

we're using our ring finger and with

just kinds of very gently come under the

eyebrows under the eyes and background

to this little lymphatic drainage point

here so we're coming around with further

light touch don't drag the skin at all

in this area it should be super super

gentle and this is actually better for

lymphatic drainage to do it in a really

really gentle way now you can really do

up to around 50 of these as long as

you're not dragging the skin and that's

absolutely fine and it's almost as

though you're draining into a tap any

excess fluid any excess toxins now when

it comes to eye bags there's also

important lifestyle things which make a

difference too so it's so important to

get enough sleep our IRA is the first

often be affected when we don't get

enough sleep so at least eight hours a

night is incredibly important also

drinking lots and lots of water about

two liters a day is ideal this is so

important to help with that lymphatic

drainage with that circulation with that

toxin removal daily face yoga it's also

so important so techniques like this

which help to just drain the lymph but

also techniques which strengthen and

tone the muscle around the eye so let's

do one more here press that lovely

acupressure point and then just gently

bring your hands back down