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How to Get Rid of Puffy Nipples? Plastic Surgeon Dr. Doherty Explains!

Many men come to me and with the complaint that what's going on my chest and look like

I have breasts, and I have puffy nipples and they're concerned and they want to know what

they can do about it.

The reason why they have puffy nipples is because they probably have some level of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is the presence of benign breast tissue in them and also have some pseudo gynecomastia

which is a presence of breast tissue and fat that mimics a breast.

And so I tell these guys that if I can reduce what's causing the puffiness then the areola,

the tissue that comes out puff around the nipples will be smaller, A Board-certified

plastic surgeon will examine a patient and make sure that they don't have any other things

going on that could lead them to have the presence of breast tissue inappropriately.

That could be endocrine issues, testosterone issues, so assuming that those are not part

of the problem.

The most likely first thing to do is to remove some of that gland, then that would be done


So to remove that gland I would make an incision around the areola so that's a small sort of

around half the way around the areola and it heals actually quite well.

The surgery would be done with some anesthesia.

Maybe a little situation and the recovery is fairly quick.

Most of my patients who come in and have gynecomastia procedure.

Whether it's a big procedure with liposuction and gland removal or just gland removal are

so happy they had this done.

A lot of guys are so bothered by that their chest contour that they feel doesn't fit them

doesn't give it their chest.

They feel like they missed out on a lot.

There maybe not on vacations or not taking their shirt off at the pool, at the beach

and they just feel so much more like themselves is just such a great procedure to give.