get rid

How To Get Rid of Puffy Nipples...(not gyno)

you guys gonna make any great great news

puffy nipples the cure for me at least

is uh it's good I mean like good suit

you guys are in one of my videos I found

out I was doing it all right come to

find out gluten who's also birthing give

me my puffy nipples and how did I find

that simple um I couldn't because I had

too many your reactions from from eating

so I cut it out

and my nipple started going down by

accident so I figured you know what you

know it's just like you know crab the

coincidence maybe it's chilly even those

hot as [ __ ] out here and I was like you

know he's gonna come back and my nipples

weren't coming back

and um our rents will just go into my

dad one day cuz I won't have a cheat

meal so I bought pizza and the next day

right I a piece about me trying to eat

the whole [ __ ] thing because I to

keep it you know within my macros I

don't know exactly um and the next day

my nipples were puffy as [ __ ] all right

so you know what maybe some other

coincidence right so I go online there's

my romance I know it's not coincidence

you start eating gluten for a weekend or

two and your nipples go back to normal

you start in again the next day you [ __ ]

pump up if maybe there's a link you know

if there was a length people will know

it so I go on YouTube I mean Google and

I googled glue and puffy nipples

BAM and I see somebody on the forum that

says hey guys if you struggle with puffy

nipples try cutting out gluten from your

diet because when I did it you know my

nipples went down that's like puffy

nipples I don't have that kind of [ __ ]

you know

you something Wow it's a happening this

guy - so let me try it out you know I

think I'm is I keep pushing pushing

until I'm 100% sure that it's true

so I stop eating glue and again for a

few days within three days my nipples

going right back to normal yeah I was I

was so amazed I know it's been a long

time since my nipples looked but normal

and then I decided to introduce just a

little bit of goose a little bit I ate

some pasta just a little bit of pasta

the very next morning I wake up with

these puffy ass nipple

in fact when I Richard was gluing into

my diet after a long break I never get

even puffier than then before when I was

in an everyday sauce like wild I said

you know it has to be the glue it so I

completely cut it off again my nipples

went back to normal right and then yet I

will today before yesterday I believe it

was IA just a little bit of the rock

ramen did I have time ramen when I'm you

know what I don't feel like they're

gonna need a little time ramen and then

my neck was probably the next morning I

know what the [ __ ] is this I didn't

think I mean I thought was rice noodles

I'm an idiot I thought why sneakers so I

checked the back and it says you know

wheat flour and all that [ __ ] as you

know what I said gluten is the reason

why I had Buffy nipples so guys I don't

just gonna work for you but if you

haven't puffy nipples not muscle my god

I'm so my puffy nipples when it just

flare up and push you know poke out

through your shirt and then when it's

chilly they go back to normal if you

have that stop eating gulen and you'll

notice a change within a matter of days

I don't know exactly how long it's gonna

take but you know try that out I'll

speak with your doctor alright guys hope

this helps Marty