get rid


yo guys what is up welcome back to a

brand new video today I want to talk

about puffy nipples right this is a

condition which affects many people out

there are suffered with it in the past

but I found a way to like eliminate this

so first things first there's two types

of puffy nipples like there's the one

type which everyone like things as gyno

but most cases it's not the case so

puffy nipples is like generally like a

side effect of gyno but at the same time

you can get this from like having excess

fat in your chest which is what I found

was my issue personally if you go

looking around you're not gonna find

someone we're saying like less than 10

percent body fat with puffy nipples

unless they actually have gone now the

way I've like eliminated mine I've been

building up my chest and at the same

time I've been cutting down so with my

cart I've been losing my um body fat

which I personally just hold the last

bit of mine in my chest and my lower

belly which is standard place to hold it

so I'm probably around something like

14% at the moment so like my scientists

come through my abs are stylish own

being would find my arms like you're

starting to see veins and stuff which is

great but yeah like so if you just do

test exercises it's gonna make your

puffy nipples look more pronounced so

I've got some pitched said show you from

this is coming up to a year ago now when

I was like first kind of starting out

with the gym that kind of thing so

people would think that this is guide oh

but it's definitely not the case because

my puffy nipples have calmed down now

and that's mainly due to cutting on body

fat so the first picture here sorry

about the quality on it

I obviously my life is all messed up you

can tell the my nipples are quite puffed

up and look like the kind of classic I

know kind of situation and then this

photo is from three months after you can

still see that the gyno look is there

look like it's kind of like man boobs

I never really had a great chest in the

past so it kinda looks like it's like

the Nephilim look like they're sticking

out because there's nothing underneath

them there's no buildup right so now

that you've seen some old pictures like

a year ago here's a couple of pictures

that I've taken literally today I can

even show you on camera if you really

want but this is literally today take my

word for it everything that background

is exactly the same right yeah so you

can definitely tell now that the

puffiness has gone away and I contribute

this down to literally my cut like I'm

probably and then maybe like halfway

into my color something like that

because I've shredded

I must have shredded about 5% body fat

off light in the last I don't even know

how long the last month or so I think

I've been cutting five weeks now I'm

losing about a pound of fat a month week

week and fat a week had a fat month

what kind of diets that and yeah so I'm

down to one seven three hours of this

morning down from I didn't December I

was at 192 so I'm 20 pounds of fat

lighter pretty much yeah you can see on

the photos here the my nipples have gone

down they're looking kind of normal now

honestly try it if you cut down you

still have like puffy nipples you got

guy no that's in the story you need

surgery pretty much to get rid of it but

if you couldn't cut down and it goes

away then that's your problem you have

body fat stored in your chest and that's

causing your puffiness with these photos

and I've shown this is literally without

apartment propped up in gym today it's

my rest day so if you imagine with pump

obviously your chest tightens up a bit

and you can tell the even without a pump

it's kind of you know you can see the

difference between two photos here's a

side-by-side comparison

it's literally miles apart you can tell

the difference just cut down yeah

right it's proved my point this is

literary today yeah same video whatever

as you can see that my nipples had

definitely come down from that old photo

though well everyone says it's gone but

it's not that my nipples are normal now

this is literally in the space of year

it's not gyno it's body fat yeah pretty


there we go well pretty much this is the

end of the video now so thanks for

watching hope this helps somewhat yeah

there's a truth is body fat in your

chest see you later