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How to get rid of puffy eyes| Dr Dray

well hey guys in today's video i'm going

to be talking all about

puppy eyes and sharing with you guys my


for getting rid of eye puffiness it's a

really frustrating thing to wake up

with puffy eyes puffy under eyes and

not really knowing what to do about it

puffiness happens because

first of all the skin around our eyelids

is already really thin to begin with

but with age and time the skin

thins even further also the little

muscles around our eyes start to weaken

and the fat that supports our eyes can

drift down to the lower eyelid

bulging out and giving the look of puffy

under eyes

excess fluid can also pool around these


structures leading to a puffy appearance

as with everything in the skin

you have your genetic makeup to blame


puffy eyes that has a lot to do with

that just your overall

anatomy the anatomy of your eye socket

and the structures around your eyes

are a major governing factor in puffy


but habits make a huge difference

in puffy eyes so some habits that

contribute to

puffy eyes include poor sleep

but maybe not for the reasons you might

think we always associate

being fatigued with dark under eye

circles and puffiness

and being tired but one reason for that

is that with fatigue your body starts

yawning more

and the yawning causes your eyes to

water more

and that fluid then can collect in the

the structures around your eyes leading

to puffy

under eyes so a lot of it has to do with

just yawning and tearing more frequently

but of course when we're fatigued and

we're not sleeping well we become

dehydrated and dehydration can result in

fluid retention that again is going to

show up around your eyes

in the form of puffiness a big

contributing factor in

puffy eyes is seasonal allergies similar

to yawning anything that increases

tearing watery eyes is going to

lead to fluid accumulation in those

spaces around

the eyes and puffy eyes and also when we

have seasonal allergies we tend to rub

our eyes more

and this can bring in even more fluid

and cause more irritation

that can really exacerbate that puffy

under eye area

and and cause cause issues so a lot of

it could be seasonal allergies

high salt foods huge driver of fluid


especially around the eyes that's going

to be one of the first areas

where a salty meal shows up is around

your eyes

because fluid's going to be retained

throughout the body but it's going to be

more obvious

around your eyes where there's just not

a lot of space

for that fluid to go other than bulging

out and making your eyes look puffy

honestly putting salt on your foods like

table salt or salting your food with


it pales in comparison to the sodium


in processed ready-made foods canned

soups are a major culprit

anything through a drive up is going to

be packed with sodium

those things are really high in salt

remember your skin is a window to what

is going on inside and

fluid retention from high salt foods

showing up around your eyes is like a

clue that maybe you want to

back off on almost salty salty snacks

and whatnot they

they can they can definitely creep creep

creep your sodium levels up and cause

fluid retentions that

ultimately could lead to high blood

pressure which is not

good and of course there's dehydration i

already kind of alluded to this with

poor sleep and being over tired you

become fatigued

and you're more prone to dehydration

when you're fatigued but

also if you drink a lot of alcohol

that's very dehydrating

if you consume a lot of caffeinated

beverages that chew is very dehydrating

you guys are looking at me like you're

always chugging on that giant bat of


i'll remind you guys i do have a video

on the benefits of coffee

so i'm not saying cut it out i mean i

could not live without it so i'm

definitely not suggesting that

but do be mindful of of your caffeine


stick to moderate amounts if you're like

me and you just love the taste of coffee

two bits

make sure you switch to decaf after

you've had

one to two cups of caffeinated coffee it

can make a huge difference and

it will feed right into the quality of

your sleep as well i mean caffeine keeps

you up at night

um those energy drinks yeah it can

really be very dehydrating

if you live in a dry climate that too is

really dehydrating anytime

i i used to live in colorado and i would

love to go up into the mountains

all the time but anytime i went to the

mountains i would

have puffy eyes for sure just because

the air is so

dry and and it would always alarm me but

it has to do with just

fluid shifts as the humidity drops

so that can that can definitely play a

role and then

uh if you're not drinking enough water

that certainly can result in fluid

retention and puffiness

so a lot of people may be on a diet like

a ketogenic diet and if they don't drink

enough water

they can be more prone to dehydration

those of you who follow a ketogenic

lifestyle or ketogenic diet

definitely i would say that's that's an

area where you can become dehydrated

if you're not consuming enough water

because carbohydrates they tend to hold


and whatnot so if you're removing those

from your diet make sure you are staying


with fluids and electrolytes if you have

puffy eyes

what can you do about it well make sure

you manage your lifestyle factors

try and dial in your sleep make sure

you're getting really good quality sleep

but when you sleep at night try training

yourself to

sleep on your back with your head at a

slight incline

sleeping on your back and sleeping in a

slight incline will facilitate drainage

of fluid

from the head and neck back to your


as opposed to pooling around your eyes

if you sleep on your stomach

try and train yourself to flip over and

sleep on your back that can make a huge


and then if you're already sleeping on

your back then try elevating the head of

the bed a little bit

or you know putting a few pillows under

your head to keep your head

elevated at an angle and facilitate

drainage i'm telling you guys for me


making that change it took a long time

to train myself to sleep on my back

but it made a huge huge difference in

the quality of my sleep

the other thing is very very simple is

just to keep some spoons in the

refrigerator and

apply them to your eyes cold it will

constrict the blood vessels and push the


back out of the tissues around your eyes

and reduce that puffiness and it feels

good one thing i love doing

even though i don't really cope with the

puffy under eye area

um is to use a caffeine containing

under eye hydrogel patch i love these

i love keeping them in the fridge

putting them on the skin while it's cold

and the caffeine

can kind of help constrict the little

blood vessels to even further

push that fluid out from under the eyes

i love the derma e

vitamin c bright eyed ones i'll list

them down below i don't use them for the

vitamin c i just i just like the cold

patch feeling

but i do think that the caffeine does

have a transient brightening effect and

kind of helping to push fluid

out from the tissues around the eyes so

those are really fun to do

in the morning and i i swear by those

they do they do help

but cold spoons work too you know

cucumber slices or whatever

tea bags a cold tea bag just a soothing


compress you get the idea that can help

constrict those blood vessels and help

push the fluid out from the area around

the eyes

so those things can really help but

don't forget if you've got seasonal

allergies too the other thing

is to check in with your primary care

physician or if you see an allergist

check in with them make sure you're

dialed in on your antihistamine regimen

or your allergy medications if you're if

you need to

take an over-the-counter uh xertech or


on a consistent basis some people think

that those medications are

just when you have symptoms but for

people with allergies

you actually talk to your allergists

they actually work best

if used daily even when you don't

necessarily have symptoms just because

of the way

uh histamine receptors uh and those

medications work it's actually better to

take them

daily to check in with your doctor and

get dialed in on a antihistamine regimen

uh if you need to for your allergies it

can make a huge difference in

in fluid retention but also in the

quality of your sleep at night if you

have poorly controlled seasonal

allergies it can also cause

post nasal drip and snoring disrupt your


and the quality of your sleep you know

you're up tossing and turning sneezing

and whatnot

i do believe most people are blindly

unaware of how much sodium they are


so depending on your relationship with

food this might be beneficial to you if

it doesn't sound like it would help then

don't do it

but try tracking your meals for a while

and like one of those apps that measures


the nutrient try it for the purpose of

tracking your sodium consumption you

will be surprised

people have um you know are sometimes

blindly under

unaware of the sodium consumption

especially if you eat a lot of

snack foods and processed foods and

again it's not to say that like salt is

a devil

and you should like go completely salt

free i mean unless your doctor has

advised you to do that because you

already have hypertension and they're

trying to encourage you to do something

like a dash diet

um no you don't have to fear monger

around salt and if you're really active

you you know

sodium is important uh in maintaining

electrolytes and everything

but i would say it's more often the case

that people are

consuming on the higher end of sodium

and one of the first places that will

show up

is around your eyes anyways guys those

are my tips and tricks for

puffy under eyes and what causes them i

really think as with most things with

the skin

the lifestyle factors go really really


so pay attention to things like your

sleep quality how

well controlled your allergies are the

sodium levels in your diet

um and you know if you're if you're

super dehydrated

hydrate up these things can make a

difference and don't require you to buy

some expensive eye cream

that will just set you back financially

and potentially cause contact dermatitis

um that being said i do love those

hydrogel patches for myself personally

but i mostly do them as a relaxing thing

i don't really have puffy under eyes

so you know do the lifestyle things over

that for sure

but if you if you're like me and you

like the relaxing effect of the gel

patches i highly recommend those

so i hope this video was helpful to you

guys and if you liked it give it a

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don't forget sunscreen and subscribe

i'll talk to you guys tomorrow bye