get rid

How I stop my Malar Bags


malar bags are my absolute complete pet

hate so what I want to do today is to

talk about what they are and how to stop

them coming they stopped me looking good

they make me look tired worn out

they're those extra bags that I have

underneath the eye bag and I've really

researched hard how to get rid of them

so there are a couple of ways I've found

to get rid of them one of them is to do

a bit of weight lifting on the cheek now

this may help I'm supposed to put my

hand just over here and lift up like

that weight lifting to exercise the

muscle I think that this is

strengthening the cheek muscle and

preventing the bag from building up

through weakness as you can see the bag

will be just over here underneath ones

normal bags which to tell you the truth

I don't mind so much but it's actually

this bag but I really hate and I'll do

anything to stop it

now the other thing I think that is most

important is to actually stop them

starting in the first place I had some

business consultancy at the British

Library the woman that I was talking to

she told me her mother is an eye surgeon

and she does under eye lifts and her

mother has told her this is the eye

surgeon but when she cuts open the bag

underneath women's eyes because it

wouldn't apply to them underneath

women's eyes there's lots and lots of

cream stuck in there actually I cream

well this is something that I

do to prevent that the way that I

stopped the eye cream building up in the

bag is to use a cotton bud to dip it and

I found this absolutely gorgeous

rosewater it smells lovely it feels

lovely it doesn't dry my skin and I'd do

it like this put that yeah rub the

cotton bug just over the under eye area

in the place where the malar bag might

build up and cause it feels so cooling

and so non-drying

I usually put it up here as well and I

try to get rid of every particle of

eyelash fiber that might have dropped

and yes I can see some there so it's not

only cleansing it not only stops cream

building up and giving me malar bags it

also lifts off the last of the eyebrow

fibers brilliant I love it