get rid

Lower Ab Workout - Get Rid of the Belly Pouch!

hey what's up welcome back to my channel

today we aren't doing it awesome awesome

at home workout it's really gonna be to

target a lower part of your abs because

that's kind of like the harder part to

get to so when you do regular crunches

and most ab workouts they really just

target the upper and a little part of

your apps and the lower ones kind of go

like unnoticed and untouched so today

we're really gonna focus on that that

being said I'm gonna try to stay away

from crunches because I just noticed

that a lot of people do crunches wrong

even when I explain them step-by-step a

lot of people still do them wrong

they'll use their neck instead and their

neck ends up creating and they're not

working out their apps plus there are a

lot of other fun exercises you can do

that are not crunches so yeah all you

need is a yoga mat your workout clothes

and let's get started all right so I'm

gonna take you through one kind of like

set not one set for each exercise and

repeat this you're gonna repeat this

whole circuit I'm gonna take you through

the first circuit which I'm gonna do

every single exercise for you if you

wanna practice and then we're gonna do

is you just might hit replay and do this

three times in a row so we really are

fitted our ABS we're going to start off

with some heel tap knees bent at a 90

degree position so this should be

parallel to the floor just here alone

you should feel the lower abs working

you're basing on the lower one leg like

this bring it up and switch can you do a

little faster pallet so we're going to

do 30 of these in total


make sure your abs are contracted a

little time and if you want to make this

a little harder you can even crush oh

and stay here the whole time I'll make

you use your ass not your neck

I lost count say we're up 15




and sorry

now we're switching over to the point

position so I'm gonna go like this never

you do some Clank popping in and out so

my favorite so she could give you a visa

and target on like the side of your

lower abs so on your elbows here you're

basically gone

Wow come back it stay in a high position

the whole time

those do 30 of these




keep gone 10 work and last one come down

oh my god alright so my arms - wow so

nice you're gonna do something butterfly

kick because they're like so you can

place your hands underneath your hips it

helps your muscles so what you guys up

like this where you feel your body kind

of like I mean you feel you're asking

like a rest take your hand put it on

your lower belly and start going your

legs and so you feel those muscles kind

of like turn on it you'll feel them flex

so once you do and flexing this should

be a workout below okay so here mother

apoplexy you open


you go

and sir see I wasn't so bad

alright so now I'm going to do some

mountain climber so badly black

positions anyone probably be easier to

like once you get in front position to

do all the time exercises right up

together and I think you guys were extra

so to get in and out of your position

sorry sorry so go ahead and get into

here and these mountain climbers are

really simple you're really just gonna

stay in height and you're going to lift

one knee up to your chest and the other

one so let's do 30 of these alternatives

and work go

and 30 home job last one one more cross

shooter go ahead and get back on your

back and now we're going to finish up

with a straight leg raise

so house yeah under your hips legs up

you get a lower your legs all the way

you can't lower it and more like this do

not touch the ground pick floors off

don't touch it you see so then you're

gonna lift them up here then and back

down these are nice and slow

you shouldn't be using your momentum so

over them use your abs sit in your 20 of

these three



this is 10 about 10 more

we focus on using your lower out hold it



three more


and why oh my goodness that was good and

that's without some more time all right

I hope you did that twice oh if you did


stop right now rewind do two more times

so you can complete the workout but I

hope you guys enjoyed this video like

always please like this video give a

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my channel for more videos and yeah let

me do we want tomorrow I do actually

want to make a gym workout video cuz a

lot a lot of you've been asking me about

what I do at the gym which I don't go to

the gym very often but I do go once in a

while just to change things up and you

know I don't want my muscles to bottom

so kind of like a routine of doing the

same thing at home and there's machines

at the gym that allow me to do things

that I can't exactly do from home so I

still think it's good to go once in a

while and do want to make a video

showing you guys what I do the gym maybe

sure to do some little machines but I

don't know how many of you actually go

to the gym we're interested in going to

the gym so let me know in the comments


I'll actually also probably put up a

poll on my Instagram when I released

this video so you guys can head over to

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it's my instrument or you can vote and

let me know whether or not you want me

to make that so I have kind of like a

account of want to see that so yeah I

hope you guys enjoy this video and I'll

see you next time