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What To Do About Bumps "Down There" -- The Doctors

we're gonna tackle your lumps and bumps

and even more today starting with the

most sensitive of subjects the growth

that happened down there and they do dr.

Lisa they absolutely do that's why it is

so important for women to know and

embrace what's going on down there

whatever you want to call down there and

so you want to look and I mean get up

and look some more when dr. Ruth told

you to get in front of the mirror naked

she did okay you all should get in front

of the mirror naked and I don't mean

just look up here you if you get a

full-length mirror and just spread those

legs and look at that I'm serious right

those legs look at that Anatomy look and

feel so you know what should be normal

and if you don't feel any something

that's normal or it's something that's

new you go to your doctor okay we don't

want you to self-diagnose now I would

love to play a game with somebody out

there if pollen tear to learn about

private parts and the bumps and lumps

and things that go on down there you

have any volunteers all right yeah yeah

look at that okay what's your name Aaron


all right so you look down there you's a

man down there I try I try yeah do you

know what this is right here we're gonna

start with this number one bump this is

the labia majora so this would be on one

of your labia okay on the sort of right

on the inside usually all right and now

once you go and feel like I can't feel

look feel looks like a wad of bubblegum

all right okay obviously it's gonna be

different colors and different people

and you can actually sort of move it

back and forth between your fingers a

little bit and kind of move it around

it's almost like a water balloon feel to

it and this is what we call the bar

saloons glances and basically you have

Barcelona and which are the natural

lubricant for the vagina okay so you if

you're everything's going right with

your partner you don't need the

lubricants down there but if not it's

the gland that does it for you what

happened is the duct in that gland can

get blocked for whatever reason now if

it gets blocked the fluid backs up

that's what's in this cyst

now if the fluid in the siskins in fact

it becomes an abscess but so this fluid

filled cyst the things that you can do

can sit in a warm bath like a sitz bath

hope that it opens on its own sometimes

it'll go away on its own

but if not you go the doctor and what we

do is we do a little simple incision and

it should pop open just like that and if

it's if it's infected it's very

foul-smelling but what we do is we

either marsupial eyes it meaning we cut

these back in like a star-shaped thing

and then we sue them back so it stays

open and it continues to drain or we put

a catheter in it because it needs to

continue to drain and heal now feel this

next one kind of looks like moles or it

could be they could be purple they could

be red they could be black they're just

little raised bumps now in this case and

sometimes they are moles down there or

skin tags in this case there Comanche

omus which are just like red benign

tumors with they can be vascular a lot

of times you'll see them at birth

they're usually nothing absolutely

nothing nothing needs to be done to now

go ahead and feel that one that just

does not look good okay you guys in the

audience at home it should feel sort of

cauliflower like that they're happy

bumpy no what do you think it is again

it's on the outside it's on the labia I

have no idea but I would be scared if I

this is actually a pretty benign look

and I know some of these may be kind of

graphic free of of condyloma or genital

warts which is caused by the HPV virus

or human papilloma virus it's an STD

sexually transmitted disease you get it

through sexual intercourse oral

intercourse anything that exchanges

sexual fluids it can start smaller and

just feel like a little raised bump

that's why again when it gets to this

point it's pretty obvious sometimes they

get so big they can block the opening of

the vagina and prevent the baby from

coming out or cause bleeding and come

friable that you don't want to get

because they can be treated with

specific medications or by removal or by

freezing they can be treated but the

virus will never go away the prevention

is the vaccine that we want you to start

before you actually get second sexually

active for boys and for girls now so you

know both want to get those vaccines and

at least it should be mentioned that

unlike the berkland cysts that you

mentioned which only women have you know

right this this men it will actually see

this growth as well often times and


area because men like women are at risk

for for these this is a gift you don't

want to get man to wear condoms there

because if you you know if your man has

something like that you have to tell him

to go get it checked out and I would

deny that's why I go stand in front of

the mirror then and women check all your

stuff out down there figure out what's

going on how it feels and how it looks

thank you