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Vagina Pimples - What Causes Them and What Can Be Done?

the journal pimples who doesn't love

that topic so why do they happen I mean

it's a little bit strange isn't it

getting pimples that we typically tend

to get maybe on our face or our back but

there could be a number of really simple

reasons more often than not they're

completely benign as to why you could be

getting that so basically anything

that's in contact with your genital

region could cause inflammation or

infection there by persistently rubbing

against it so things such as your

underwear or any creams or lotions you

might be using under that even simple

things like perspiration and sweat any

semen and in urine they can all come

into contact with that region and cause

infections or inflammation next a

condition called folliculitis which is

essentially an infection a bacterial

infection that affects the hair gland so

sometimes bacteria can get trapped pores

can get blocked and that can lead to

some pain some itching and some swelling

and redness that's very uncomfortable

but can be treated quite easily also

other structures in that region such as

bar fillings glands can get blocked and

can cause cysts which can initially

present as a lump there and any

abscesses that are also caused by

infection where pus can collect can also

present as an initial pimple or lump

that then swells and gets larger other

conditions such as hidradenitis

suppurativa just rolls of the tongue

that one doesn't it that's essentially a

condition that causes chronic

inflammation of the sweat glands

typically found in the groin and

underneath the breasts there can be

quite painful and filled with pus and

then another condition called molluscum

contagiosum and that wants to do with a

virus that can provoke pimples to grow

on other parts of the body as well as

your genital region typically they're

sort of perm or flesh colored none of

these conditions are in themselves very

serious but they do require treatment

especially if they're painful or

troublesome or not going away in

themselves these conditions are not so


they're certainly quite benign and in

fact you could help to treat them

yourself without necessarily even going

to see a doctor but if there's anything

you're not sure about that

new that's persisting for you then

please do go and see your GP who can

help to diagnose what this might be

simple measures that you could try at

home are basically to try and eliminate

anything that's coming into contact with

the vaginal region that could be proving

to be an irritant

so this is things like any products you

might be using on the vagina trying to

avoid douching and over cleaning that

region because the vagina will produce

its own Libra [ __ ] to maintain its own

pH balance and if you're over cleaning

the area you can end up upsetting the pH

balance and the microbiome that's there

that can irritate the skin and that

whole area also trying to change the

underwear that you're wearing so moving

from synthetic underwear to cotton

underwear that's much gentler on the

skin trying to change your sanitary

products so if you're using things like

pads and tampons that could be

irritating may be trying to change

things to things such as the moon cup

which is made out of silicone that could

be less irritating for you and then

maybe trying to even change your washing

detergent it could be something as

simple as that which is causing these

pimples for you ultimately if you do go

and see your doctor there might be able

to give you things such as

antihistamines to try and reduce any

allergies or itching down there and also

medication that you can apply topically

to try and improve any swelling that

might be going on redness and get rid of

the entire condition that could be

affecting it so good luck I hope that's

been helpful and made you realize that

actually there's a whole lot that you

can do yourself to try and eliminate any

of these common culprits that could be

causing a problem for you