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How To Cure Psychosomatic Symptoms Without Drugs in 6 Month

hi this is Yukio ishizuka from

today's subject is how to cure

psychosomatic symptoms without drugs in

six months or less now what is

psychosomatic symptoms in snc there's a

minds warning signal trying to tell us

there all is not well it's an endured

indirect and coded message to protect

ourselves from father harm now physical

symptoms is best understood as one of

the five layers of defense or warning

signals that is provoked as the

challenge mounts and reaches and exceeds

threshold of our tolerance it starts

with an anxiety followed by anger and

then physical symptoms will join and

then if that is not enough depression

and psychosis would also manifest these

are to force us to pay attention and

drop everything and mobilize to cope was

the important problem that we may not be

clearly recognizing now cause of somatic

psychosomatic symptoms is the same as

the rest of stress symptoms such as

anxiety anger depression and psychosis

it is provoked by challenges in life

that is more than the mind can cope with

that exceeds past experience and current

capability cope at the threshold the

warning signal is trying to to force us

to pay attention and mobilize our

resources to overcome the challenge

hopefully to break through what is

psychosomatic disorder then it can be

described as Minds warning signal gone

underground and also out of control it

manifests through oten autonomic nervous

system which is outside of central

nervous system that is accessible to our

consciousness or awareness and it is

experienced as the external or outside

problems such as a body problem sick

and for that reason it could be more

compelling to some and also more

acceptable or perhaps convenient as the

warning signal for some now personality

the way the person thinks feels and act

about oneself and in close relationship

of commitment such as a marriage or

comparable relationship or achievement

such as productive creative activities

work challenging activities and so on

define the personality defines or

determines where and how our warning

signal is triggered the question is how

can we raise the threshold by

transforming personality because if the

threshold is raised the warning signal

will become unnecessary and disappear

which actually happens in the course of

successful treatment but the first step

is to define personality in such ways

that it can be measured frequently in a

consistent basis and it has to be

graphically tracked and interpreted

analyzed via a computer and internet and

we must concentrate resources to make a

breakthrough in intimacy sphere first

and allowing self an achievement to

stagnate for a while and then eventually

recover and catch up with the intimacy

at the higher level that process of

personality transformation typically go

through four stages the first stage is

characterized by relatively preserved

intimacy compared to self an achievement

typically in collapse and high stress

symptoms backlight second stage is when

intimacy alone rises above previous

maximum of 10 in this case reaching 25

while self an achievement continued to

stagnate occasionally dipping absorbing

rising wave waves of symptom Peaks until

symptom dissipate and disappear when

self an achievement

begins to rise about 10 and eventually

catches up in this case at 44 times

higher than the previous maximum

according to his own self-assessment and

from that point on the fourth stage

self-intimacy and achievement spheres

continue to rise together was little or

no therapeutic intervention now Sofie it

was a typical case of a dramatic

psychosomatic symptoms she was married

to a very successful businessman who

worked the day and night on 1 or 2 hours

of sleep a day and she was very worried

that he may break down and she was in

her 40s and known as a cheerful sociable

was responsible and capable person but

she was the one who broke down the

dramatic symptoms first the sharp pain

in the right flank and then severe pain

in the head on the back and penetrating

sharp pain in the right eye and she was

exhausted irritable and distracted and

by the time she came to see me she has

seen four specialists having gone

through exhaustive tests and

examinations she came as a long list of

symptoms on a daily fluctuations of

symptoms for one previous months now

life track therapy of Sofie developed as

follows first her husband was persuaded

to participate in therapy which he did

and no medication was used although both

of them suffered dramatically high

stress symptoms and the therapy focused

exclusively on bringing them closer


guided by daily self rating on 41

parameters at the end of the day and the

graphic traffic over the Internet and

weak recession lasting two hours was

maintained for six months now Sophie's

dramatic simple disappeared within 10

days virtually disappeared and first to

go was psychosis black line and red was

depression and physical symptoms which

was her principal chief complaint

also diminished and to to to and anxiety

and physical symptom or only to symptoms

that remained at the end of the Penn

State now during that first ten days her

progress shows her intimacy

struggling its way up pushing up the

invisible seating of resistance and nine

and then finally broke through previous

maximum over ten at that time her

symptom also disappeared now by the end

of the first month the symptom had one

recurrence now on September 14 so as you

can see anxiety spiked to five physical

symptoms came back and then symptoms

seem to diminish even more now what

happened on September 14th is

interesting her intimacy was approaching

and breaking through twenty twice as

high as previous maximum right after

that the symptom diminished even father

and disappeared again and sailfin

achievement were reaching already

fifteen or sixteen by the end of the

force months her intimacy was reaching

about fifty and self an achievement were

catching up with it there was one more

resurgence of symptoms coinciding was

her intimacy approaching and breaking

through forty four times higher now the

therapy was successfully concluded and

that dependent the success dependent on

four conditions the first the patient is

suffering enough that's motivated to

change an appropriate partner was

available and the three-way teamwork was

maintained for several months and guided

by daily self-rating graphs by both of

them another important observation was

that the patient with partners did four

times better than those without partners

measured in terms of percentage of

patients exceeding their previous best

adjustment of ten fifteen point two

percent versus 61.4%

numbers of patients 342 singles 871

couples or a patient with spotless an

outcome also jumped after the first

months after the first months the

patient was partners seventy seven point

three percent reached ten or above and

83 percent when they persisted beyond

second months and 86.6% reached or

exceeded temp score ten when they

persisted beyond three months if you are

interested in this form of treatment

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website for more information thank you

for your attention