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How I Cured My Psoriasis in Less Than 1 Month!

hey all sweet I'm from the rice life and

this video is not going to be over the

top it's not gonna be long it's not

gonna be dramatic it might be like a

minute or two I'm gonna let you all know

how I carried my psoriasis in I guess

like a month honestly was less than a

month maybe like two to three weeks but

I'm just gonna say a month just because

that's what I really like notice that it

was quite fully gone I'm gonna say how I

did it

so um I had an appointment like my my

annual checkup and everything with my

midwife like a month ago and I was just

telling her that

well she's Midwest but I go to this

place that has this like my primary -

anyway anyway I went my primary primary

doctor who just happens to be my midwife

and I was telling her I was just like

you know I've just got the psoriasis it

just keeps flaring up and like my

hairline is like eject it because of it

like it's a you know it was only on the

temples or like another temples it was

like on my hairline and it'd be like

cutting the nape of my neck - and

definitely on like the back of my hair -

I would have a few spots like on my

scalp sometimes it wasn't like all the

time but it was enough for me to notice

it would even scab out sometimes too

young but I was like I don't know what's

going on like the past couple years I've

noticed it and I've done some everything

I've tried and shoulders I've tried

drinking more water

I've tried blah blah blah right I was

telling all these things I was trying

you know just doing tea tree oil and

just easy I can think of and I never

really mentioned this in my walk updates

not have a couple times but I don't

think I really mentioned like the

severity of it because I think I was

kind of in denial I bet it wasn't it was

gone but um she was telling me and then

- my twin sister has the same exact

issue and she was telling her daughter

about it because yes she just wanted not

about it - but yeah so we both deal with

the same issue and my twin sister had

actually been prescribed the week before

she'd been prescribed with like a

vitamin D she had like about even D

deficiency so they were telling her to

take vitamin D and so um then exactly

the next week my midwife said oh you

know there's a link between vitamin D

deficiency and psoriasis and I was like

bruh I'm not a milk drinker I used to be

like toast intolerant I've gotten a


but I'm just not a I'm not big on dairy

at all dairy just isn't it really agree

with me very much so I'm not a dairy

drinker or eater really so I don't get

any vitamin D from Dairy and obviously

it's the winter time now so I'm not

outside a lot and honest I'm not outside

a lot even when it's hot out because I

don't like the heat so I am very I mean

she'd do tests for me to realize that I

was diamond D deficient I've always done

that and plus some darker skin so most

dark-skinned people are vitamin D

deficient because it's it takes a lot

for our body to absorb it I think is

what it is it's harder for darker skin

to absorb vitamin D and then so couple

being dark skinned and then not having

sunlight and then not ingesting dairy

like I was very vitamin D deficient like

I said my twin sister got the test and

she was definite volume in D deficient

so when she told me that she'd gotten on

a 5 and D regimen then I decide to do

the same thing y'all I don't have to be

diagnosed for twins so I pretty much

knew that that's what I needed two guys

and so I have been taking vitamin D and

I've been taking this it is the and I

just got some target for like maybe it

wasn't any more than seven or eight

books y'all this is the vitamin d3 125

mcg s500 are you something taking this

from Target and I just take one a day

it's one softgel per day so I've taken

one of these I've done it religiously

for the past month I've taken one

vitamin d3 and then I just got some old

cheapo Spring Valley calcium supplements

just because vitamin D absorbs better

with calcium and so um this is the six

hundred milligram and so this is one

tablet a day I mean I take more tablets

in this or not tablets I take more

vitamins in this but this is like two

out of the five or six body because I

take every day but aside take the

calcium Spring Valley I've taken one of

those and like I said y'all one d3 and

my psoriasis is gone so y'all my

hairline has come back I don't think

people realize like how but jacked up my

hairline was until it started grow back

like you can see all that new hair is


this right here still feeling in my

hairline started a little further back

just because it was just the psoriasis

was just like

it was there and I would like to scratch

out and that kind of thing and I just

take care with this so you can see let

what my new hair is grown in and you can

see the shaded area where the hair is

going back so my hairline has not looked

this full and I know it's not super full

now but it has not looked this full in a

very long time probably when I was

praying with Ellie that's when it was

full again but then I had the postpartum

shedding and then it just never came


and then I had the psoriasis on top of

that but guys vitamin d3 couple with

calcium will knock it out okay I'm not a

physician but my midwife told me to give

it a try and it works so guys if you are

vitamin D deficient which most of us are

anyway but if you feel here by me D

deficient and you also have psoriasis

definitely try combining calcium and d3

and let me know how it goes in the next

month you know how back down the

comments or the next month let me know

if the work for you but guys I cannot

believe that this is my hairline like

this is crazy that I'm a little here's

going back so I'm so excited y'all um I

never even really wear my hair back a

lot because I was kind of like not

self-conscious like it's not like it was

like oh my god my hairline but I just I

would not wear my hair back because I

was you know my hair long is gone okay

but I just I'm starting feel really

confident again with my hair and then

it's growing back and it's um it's

growing back thick and healthy too guys

and so I'm push all you don't drink your

water all that good stuff but I have

noticed a big difference in my weight

loss to doing this that's a whole nother

video that I'm going to talk about but

I've lost like eight to nine pounds in

the past month so that's crazy most of

it being the past couple weeks but

that's a whole nother story that's whole

nother thing we're gonna talk about soon

but anyway y'all calcium and d3 for

psoriasis or like any kind of skin

slurps and that give it a try because

you're most likely vitamin D deficient

especially in the wintertime and

especially if you have darker skin so

alright y'all I'm from rice life and I

will see y'all next video well