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Psoriasis | How To Get Rid of Itchy Scaly Skin | Vivienne Fung

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we're talking about psoriasis psoriasis

is a chronic autoimmune condition about

7.4 million Americans have psoriasis it

is a chronic autoimmune condition so

what does that mean immune system

attacks itself so two factors when it

comes to psoriasis genetics and the

immune system doctors don't really know

what causes psoriasis but through

extensive research they are pretty

certain that it's because of the immune

system when it attacks itself so we have

white blood cells the T cells will go in

and attack the skin cells and so meaning

you know what do you see if you have

psoriasis you will see red patches and

usually with the red patches you see

like white silverish scale on your skin

and usually you see them around the

joint areas so elbows knees knuckles the

hands things like that but psoriasis can

also develop on the face the neck the

scalp just really anywhere on the body

but usually around the joint area and

the scalp is also quite common so with

psoriasis most people see it kind of

like a reaction skin reaction between

the age of 15 3 35 being like 28 being

average age for when people usually

notice like pretty obvious case of

psoriasis and of course you know

toddlers kids can develop psoriasis or

even people older but usually is between

15 and 35 so why people start seeing the


and with the red patches white silverish

scale that you see sometimes they can be

very sore and itchy this burning

sensation to it so it just really

depends on how severe the case is like

there are really mild cases where you

just see a small red patch to moderate

to very severe wear psoriasis covers a

large area of the body and it sometimes

can bleed and the skin starts cracking

in terms of like getting rid of

psoriasis for good there isn't a cure

for it at the moment so in terms of

treatment you can look into a very

common one is UV light therapy so how

does UV light treatment work UVA and UVB

natural light goes in and actually kills

off some white blood cells so that it

doesn't keep attacking your skin cells

as quickly and so therefore it really

leaves the psoriasis symptoms other

things that might help are laser therapy

and also skin care products now going

back in order to understand what

psoriasis really is yes it looks like

red patches it looks like silver scales

but what what what is your skin doing

why is it doing that it's because when

your auto immune system is on overdrive

its attacking itself it's actually

speeding up the process of skin

production so our skin cells is

constantly you know in production and it

takes about 20 days about a month for a

full skin cell cycle so it takes that

long for our skin to go from our deepest

layer to the surface and shut off but

when somebody has psoriasis that one

month cycle is sped up really really

quick and instead of one month it's

actually a few days and your skin is not

able to shed that quickly but because

the skin cell is being produced so fast

that is just building up on the skin so

it's like constantly producing skin

cells after skin cells and it's just

like boom boom boom boom boom with scalp

a really good and effective product to

try is apple cider vinegar hair rinse or

like shampoo conditioner so there's this

one that's known to be very effective

it's called Wow apple cider vinegar hair

conditioner set I'll link it down below

for you guys so you can check it out if

you're interested

and it's known to really help with

getting the flakes off the scalp helps

with itchiness because that tends to be

a very common symptom for people who

have psoriasis and of course nobody

wants flaky looking hair like it start

looking like dandruff and things like

that so a lot of people go in and try to

find a hair product that contains apple

cider vinegar and that one it seems to

be really great

so there are zinc hair products that

would help for example corticosteroids

like steroid hormones like topical ones

that you can apply and retinoids

salicylic acid vitamin D analogues if

you are going in with silicic acid you

can use it about 2 to 3 times a week but

don't use it every single day retinoids

yes you can use it every day depending

on your skin depending on the percentage

and things like that but in general yeah

you can use it in your daily routine so

people with psoriasis go through phases

you might see symptoms like my patches

scales on the skin whether it's a craft

or bleeding for a few days to a few

weeks and then it will clear up you'll

see no symptoms

but that doesn't mean that your

psoriasis is gone for good it's just

kind of dormant it's it's just not

showing its symptoms it's not showing

its head and so you might go through

weeks months maybe even up to a year

without seeing psoriasis and then it

might come back again so it kind of

comes and goes and there are triggers to

psoriasis so for example stress is a big

one a lot of people notice that if there

are extra stressed psoriasis does tend

to come back or if they drink a lot so

high levels of alcohol might trigger

psoriasis and for some people sometimes

skin injury does also cause psoriasis

like cuts burns scratches abrasions and

things like that when your skin is

trying to heal inflammation infection so

when it comes to infection your immune

system kicks in as an in like overdrive

and when it's in overdrive it causes

your white blood cells to again over

produce and attack your skin cells and

psoriasis is not contagious

if you touch someone's skin who has

psoriasis like active psoriasis symptoms

you will not get psoriasis from them it

is a very just like biological genetic

immune system condition so you cannot

pass it on to somebody so there are

foods that dermatologist suggesting and

way from when you have psoriasis one

being Dairy I find that overall in the

skincare world Dairy seems to be a big

one that a lot of people tend to be like

what once I quit dairy I find my skin

has improved it just really depends on

the individual like I said in previous

videos where I drink milk I yogurt and I

don't see my

can be any worse than if I don't eat


you know dairy sugar processed food red

meat so beef and things like that

they tend to cause inflammation so

because psoriasis causes inflammation

and those foods are sometimes known to

cause inflammation if you avoid them

your symptoms can improve so again it

really depends on the individual it

might work for some people it might not

so you can try it out and see