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What is Psoriasis and the Best Psoriasis Treatment at Mayo Clinic

hi I'm doctor Alena bridges the

dermatologist and dermat Oh pathologist

at the Mayo Clinic and I'm here to talk

about psoriasis and our psoriasis

specialty clinic today psoriasis is a

common chronic inflammatory disease of

the immune system that typically

involves the scalp elbows knees hands

and feet however any part of the body

can be involved and it can involve the

nails mouth and joints 40% of patients

with psoriasis experience joint

inflammation called psoriatic arthritis

psoriasis is a serious medical condition

it affects approximately seven and a

half million people in the United States

psoriasis affects people in all age

groups and affects men and women equally

the cause of psoriasis is not clear

however we know that there are familial

cases of psoriasis and approximately 80%

of people with psoriasis have relatives

with the disorder we also know that

several factors can trigger a flare of

psoriasis these include an infection

stress certain drugs such as blood

pressure medications and oral steroids

as well as trauma how do we diagnose

psoriasis a diagnosis of psoriasis is

made by skin examination sometimes a

skin biopsy is necessary to help make

the diagnosis in psoriasis patients

typically have raised red skin lesions

covered by white scale these areas can

it most people have mild disease that

affects only a small part of their body

but some people with psoriasis can have

more extensive involvement that covers

over 50% - even their entire body

surface area other diseases and

conditions can be associated with

psoriasis including diabetes heart

disease and obesity inflammatory bowel

disease is three to seven times greater

in psoriasis patients compared to the

general population psoriasis can have a

significant psychological and emotional

impact on patients depression is more

common in psoriasis

patience smoking and alcohol use are

also more common in psoriasis patients

how do we treat psoriasis in patients

who have mild disease we just need to

use various topical treatments that

include topical steroids tar salicylic

acid and topical vitamin A and D

preparations patients who have more

moderate or severe disease as well as

patients with joint disease require

topical treatments in combination with

light therapy oral medications or

biologic medications biologics are taken

by injection or infusion retinoids

cyclosporine that the Trek's eight and

otezla are taken orally these

medications require testing before

starting the treatment and periodic

monitoring and evaluation light therapy

is administered as an outpatient and

includes a 21-day GECK Ehrman treatment

narrowband ultraviolet B three times a


broadband ultraviolet B five times a

week are Poobah three times a week our

store is specialty clinic is where you

need to come for evaluation and

treatment of your psoriasis

we offer a multi-specialty

patient-centered approach to your care

at the Mayo Clinic you will receive

unsurpassed care by experienced

providers we have had one of the longest

experiences in the management of

psoriasis this goes back to the time

almost a hundred years ago when dr. ghek

Ehrman was here at the Mayo Clinic and

we continued to use his GECK Ehrman's

tart and light therapy for 21 days as an

outpatient and I found this to be one of

the most effective and safest treatments

available for psoriasis we will evaluate

you and based on the type of psoriasis

and the extent of your psoriasis as well

as your prior treatments and other

medical problems that you may have

determined which treatments would be the

most appropriate for you to receive to

get your disease under control

we will also coordinator

appointments for you in rheumatology for

joint disease gastroenterology for

inflammatory bowel disease endocrinology

for diabetes and weight problems an

internal medicine for heart disease we

can also assist in smoking cessation

alcohol rehabilitation and stress

management during your visit you can

enroll in our wellness program for

weight loss and exercise you may also be

able to participate in research studies

our goal is for you to have the best

possible experience and receive

coordinated and efficient total care so

that all aspects related to your

psoriasis can be successfully managed