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Remove Propane Tank Valve in 2 Minutes (No Special Tools)

so I was running the other night and I

found this propane tank sitting on the

side of the road

and well usually to be honest I'd just

go ahead and use it but I'm not gonna do

that with this tank it's in pretty bad

shape so what I'm gonna do is go ahead

and take the valve off of it and turn it

into a you know little camp stove or

something that's a video for another

time this video is all about taking the

valve off of it the absolutely easiest

way you're likely to find now if I

managed to blow myself up that would

probably give me a million views but

we're not gonna worry about that right

now let's go ahead and start by undoing

the valve here on the side basically

that's just a flathead screwdriver flat

head screw go ahead and undo that and

open the valve up as far as you can some

of these tanks also have safety valves

inside the valve itself I use one of

these little adapter things here to

straight-through adapter for filling

small propane tanks and just go ahead

and screw that on in the end of there

open it completely up and now I've done

two different things to make sure that

this tank is completely empty to get the

leverage to remove that valve we're

gonna go ahead and use a couple ratchet

straps and strap it to a solid object

I've chosen a tree and here's our magic

tool for breaking that valve loose this

I believe they just call this a pipe you

take this pipe this end here slip it

over the valve pull

just like that

there you go those threads are broke

free now you should be able to use any

type of wrench at this point to go ahead

and remove that valve the rest of the

way as long as you can get purchased on

that valve and turn it you should be


any type of wrench will work mine was

actually loose enough to go ahead and

undo by hand the rest of the way so

proof of concept there you go the valve

is out all the little guts there you go

valves out of the tank just like that to

purge any remaining gas inside the tank

we're gonna go ahead and fill this up

with water I could explain this part of

the process to you but I trust that my

audience is smart enough to figure it

out that's it as you can see I've topped

that off completely so that tank is

completely purged to gas at this point

no more worries I'll let it sit then I'm

gonna go ahead and drain it and then I

can start you know cutting on it

prepping it up to turn it into a little

camp stove ought to be a fun little

project but again that's a project for

another time other than that that's it

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