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βœ… How To Remove Promote Button From Instagram πŸ”₯ Removing Promotions From Instagram Profile

so here is the problem you do not think the promote button is in the place it

should be so you want to get rid of it

this is a part of our Instagram how-to series

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subscribe button so there's only one way you can actually remove the promote but

and it's the following so you're on your Instagram right here and you see

promotions right it's really sad to see this option so what you can do is click

the three dashes right here click on settings here go on account and click

switch to a person if you click switched on personal account this is disappear

Wow this will disappear the other thing that will disappear is actually inside

an email and you just have that it profile option because one VM is Graham

business account anymore they give the promote button is that is your emoji to

spend money and they want it they want to shove the instrument promote button

in your face so you remember you gotta be spending that money because this

didn't stop for free it's a business so yeah if you want to get rid of it get

rid of your business account actually am using a creator account is the same

thing you got to switch to a personal account if you were really intimidated

by the promote button now let me tell you a little bit about the shout-out

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