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How to Reset your Comcast Xfinity TV Cable Box

hello this is Jim and hey we're looking

at a TV entertainment system here and

many of you might actually have cable

through Comcast Xfinity and if you do

have cable you may have experienced that

those moments where you actually need to

reset your your Xfinity box or your

modem box and so I'm gonna show you how

to do that today so for this xfinity

system we have the Xfinity x1 cable box

right here let me see if I can pull this

out you can kind of see it says Xfinity

has a little blue light on the side this

is actually the X X ID - C box and you

can see the main cable line coming in

here you have a HDMI cable there and the

power supply right there now pulling

this out I did have be careful because

there is a little power button here and

that's not the reboot button some of the

older boxes that do have a reset button

on back but this one does not this just

turns the system on and off but

resetting the system is is more than

just the power button itself so if

you've been having some issues with your

cable service one of the first steps you

might want to do other than interest

train on and off the TV is to reset your

cable box now one of the easiest ways of

doing this with the new Xfinity x1

system is to just take your remote and

press the a button on your remote just

like this and now bring you to a little

troubleshooting and screen and one of

the items on the very far left is a

restart and so you go ahead and hit your

ok button on your remote and it'll ask

you do you really want to Reese reset

your TV box shirt so you move over and

you hit re restart

and it'll start restarting your system

okay so your box will show this blue bar

initially that's just saying it's on and

then I'll eventually start blinking this

green bar and this will continue for a

while and then I'll go ahead and turn

back to blue I'm not quite sure how long

but it'll eventually do it and then I'll

just reboot your entire system you get

this little welcome display on your

screen and then there you go it went

ahead and turned blue and now it will

just probably take another minute or two

before it starts rebooting completely

you'll start getting a welcome screen

connecting to your entertainment

experience and then finally the system

reboots and you got your image now that

method was kind of the softboot method

now there is now if that doesn't really

solve your problem you can also pull out

your little box here it could be this

kind of box or a different box find the

power supply cable pull this out this is

my power supply cable and what you can

do is just pull out the power supply

cable itself fully for about 10 seconds

just kind of count it down and and after

about 10 seconds you're gonna plug it

back in now now by unplugging this there

will be a longer boot up sequence so

you're basically removing all the charge

out of the box and so a lot of the

memory will be gone as well and so when

a boots up it has to load up a lot of

the show information and so this may

take maybe up to 10 minutes 15 minutes

before you see all your shows back on

your screen but they will eventually

boot up and you'll be fine and this is a

little bit of a harder reset so I'm just

going to plug it back in

that you'll see some green lights again

and eventually you'll get your blue

light coming back on you get to welcome

then you get your blue bar and then

you're finally your welcome screen and

finally you get your show back on and

there you go I hope this video helped

you out and you're able to reset your

Comcast Xfinity box and you're able to

enjoy some nice TV and I will see you

next time bye bye