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How to Uninstall Programs on Mac | Permanently Delete Application on Mac

hey guys in this video I'm going to show

you how you can uninstall or fully

remove or erase an application on your

Mac OS operating system so let's get

started what you need to do is you need

to open the finder first of all and then

search for Applications folder so just

search for this Applications folder and

go inside that application folder and in

here all of your application which you

have installed are there right so for

example I have this app or software

which is VLC media player and I need to

uninstall it so what I need to do is

first of all what I will do is I will go

to this search bar and I will search for

VLC and it will show you these files

related to VLC right but these are all

not all files which is related to VLC

media player

so to find all the files which is

related to media VLC media player or any

other software what you can do is you

can just click this plus button here at

the side of this Save button you will

find this plus button so just click this

plus button and then you will see on the

left hand side kind so just click this

option and then go to other and in the

other just search at the top system so

just search for system and you will see

this result which says system files ok

so just check this checkbox in front of

the system files and then click ok which

is going to show you the related files

for this VLC media player or whatever

search you will do here right and the

second thing you need to do here is in

here you need to just select are

included so by default you will see

aren't included on the right-hand side

here you need to choose this

option which says are included right and

now you will see that there are more

files related to VLC media player so

these are all the files which are

related to me VLC media player and by

removing all these files you will be

able to successfully remove this

software this procedure can be followed

with any other software which is on your

Mac OS operating system so that last

step you need to you know execute is you

just need to select all the files and

drag all these files on to the trash

okay so drag all this file to this trash

and then these will be deleted and you

can see sometimes you may also see this

message which says the item VLC in my

case but the software name in your case

for example can't be moved because it's

open right so what we can do is we can

first of closed the software so you

I can see here this VLC media player is

open so I will just quit this VLC media

player and then whatever files which are

there I will just move it to the trash

ok and this is how you can remove the

applications or any software on your Mac

operating system so I hope you've

enjoyed this video please rate comment

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