get rid

Get Rid of Product Buildup in 5 Minutes

at those for the past a year or even

more than that I thought I had dandruff

yeah dandruff I'm getting it too close

for comfort after trying on head and

shoulders then going onto the

prescription Head & Shoulders which by

the way it's not really prescription you

get it off the counter but it's cold our

necks then I went to my doctor and then

my doctor was like oh it's just like

you're detoxing or something no girl

this was going on for over a year about

a few months ago I started thinking you

know what I think it is I just think

it's product build-up so I started

focusing a lot on just clarifying

shampoos tried the Carol's Daughter

clarifying shampoo

I tried a redken clarifying shampoo and

they did not help me though recently I

was introduced into castile soap I was

introduced to it by random Pinterest

posts by the way I decided to buy one

this is super cheap it's a super

concentrated soap it's by dr. Bronner's

and I get mine at h-e-b this was ten

dollars it was really $9.99 plus taxes

and this is the baby one its unscented

and it's supposed to be like used for

babies so I thought that I should start

here so that I don't over irritate my

scalp or my body or my face cuz I use it

as a face wash now but I decided to do

is to take this guy and mix it in with

baking soda to give myself like a very

light vegan and good for you clean with

also the baking soda that because art is

amazing it kills bacteria and fungi in

case that's a problem and also it's a

crepe to exfoliate your entire skin of

course including your scalp because your

scalp is your skin I mixed in this guy

with the baking soda a for about five

minutes giving myself a scalp massage or

whatever you do this don't rub your hair

like this just take in the skin and kind

of rub it like this I don't know if you

can tell the difference but the

difference is that I'm not rubbing

frizzing up the hair because I'm not

going like this towards the hair so

instead of going like this

you'll like this come like pressing

deeply into the skin so that oh my gosh

you guys I've only used it once and I

don't have any problems anymore it's


and it's super natural super cheap I

know that a lot of people in different

parts of the world are not able to get

baking soda as readily available to you

so whatever commended that you do is

that even though sugar doesn't have the

antibacterial and antifungal properties

to take off product build-up then sugar

would be a really great manual

exfoliator and something that else that

you can use is apple cider vinegar now

apple cider vinegar is readily available

in a lot of places where there's food an

apple cider vinegar really helps with

clarifying and just keeping everything

nice and healthy and balanced so I do

recommend that you could use apple cider

vinegar in your scalp to help with the

getting rid of toxins and just pulling

everything I'm definitely going to do

that but next time that I wash my hair

because you don't want to like over

stimulate your scalp either

thank you so much for watching if you

tried any of this or if you do something

similar to this or anything like that or

please if you have any additional tips

all of us would love to know so please

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guys tomorrow