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How to Remove Adware From Windows 10 For Free


what you guys gonna never add we're a

removal video here for you this is

removed installed notified - services

comm from your computer now a friend of

mine had issues with his computer he

said he was getting pop-ups as you can

see in the bottom right hand side there

and it was all redirects when he was

going on the internet so when he was

using the browser

he was basically getting redirected to

advertisements and other types of stuff

like that though he did say that someone

already tried to remove a lot of it and

he was still having issues so I said I'd

have a quick look and removed them so

you see here this is the pop-up that

keeps happening and when you click on it

or even such it it just opens up another

page and even when he browses east

starts to get redirected now have run a

DW cleaner already and to try and free

up any sort of adware on the system and

of course what we're going to do here is

move on a to a road killer so bro killer

is a another sort piece of software you

can use to remove a sort of adware on

the system or malware it will try and

remove any of that sort of stuff so

we'll let Road killer - it's fing and

then we'll run some other scans on here

now I don't think it's as heavily

infected with loads of adware because it

has probably been removed by someone

else whether that person was a

technician I don't know probably a

friend of his or something like that but

the thing is with remnants left behind

on the system they can be troublesome

and of course they can cause problems so

you need to use more than one piece of

software or even more than two pieces of

software to remove any sort of adware or

malware on the system so you can see

we're running malwarebytes this is the

free version it's not the premium

version this means that you have to run

these scans manually yourself and again

I've seen on the internet people saying

this is the only two programs you'll

ever need to remove malware and that's

simply not true

you do need to run multiple different

software to try to remove

malware from the system and making sure

the system is perfectly clean before you

give that back to a customer now if you

don't want to do any of that stuff then

the best thing to do is reinstall

windows and that's probably your safest

bet but if you are wanting to sit there

and remove all this stuff and then you

need to remove it using many different

types of software so you can see here

we've done a scan and there's no threats

detected now I'm pretty sure that

someone's already run malwarebytes on

here because he said there was a load of

malware on the system that the guy

removed so he obviously run malwarebytes

and you can see this redirect popping up


it's just popped up just got to close

this off I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna

go into the settings area here and we're

just gonna have a quick look in the

advanced and we're gonna go over to

where it says site settings click on

this one

and then once we're inside here we're

looking for notifications and once we

find notifications we can then remove

any of those notifications in there so

I'm just going to quickly look inside

here it's somewhere in here there is so

just click on this and you should see a

bunch of stuff in here now I could

already tell that he's been looking at

the you know movie sites and stuff like

that I can see them here at the bottom

listed and you can see that installed no

if I'd done so - service comm so we're

gonna remove all this stuff and I shall

tell him that

look at those sort of movie sites here's

probably where he's getting a lot of

this stuff from because they are laced

with malicious types of adverts and

stuff like that this is where you're

going to get them from so I'm just going

to remove all the stuff that he doesn't

need on here and I could also see a

couple of blocked up the top there so

I'm going to remove those as well now

your best bet is to probably reset your

browser and the reason for this is

because you've got probably a load of

extensions added in or any sort of

malicious code that they've added into

the browser to

make it redirect and stuff like that and

if you want to do that I'll quickly show

you how to reset your browser now if you

want to go and reset your browser go to

the three dots here go to settings here

and what you want to do here is go down

to advanced and then all the way down

the bottom here you should see restore

settings to original defaults this is

going to help you reset the browser back

to its default settings and it will

remove any sort of malicious stuff

they've added in to that browser and

this is probably gonna be your best bet

when especially with adware and stuff

like that it's advisable to reset so

also I'm going to quickly show how to

remove the apps here you want to go to

apps and features inside settings here

and remove any sort of apps that are in

there that are malicious and also to

reset your Microsoft edge browser go

into the Microsoft edge and you should

see an area where it says reset you want

to reset all the browser's on that

computer because just in case they use

one of the other ones it's always best

to reset them all and make sure they've

got backups over their passwords and

stuff like that otherwise and their

bookmarks otherwise they're gonna be all

removed from the computer that's

important otherwise you're going to end

up running into problems when you open

up the edge browser you should see now

that it says that what they've deleted

is browsing history extension data also

pin tabs and site permissions and all

that sort stuff these are going to be

changed by malware and that's why it's

important that you need to reset those

and you can do that for all the browsers

on system so once we've got that done

what we need to do is we're just seeing

the ESET online scan is still running is

found four detections and those were

missed by other software so it's

important that you just keep running

different types of software to make sure

it's nice and free from any sort of

adware or malware now we'll make a more

in-depth video this was just to quickly

capture the screen while I was cleaning

it on my friend's computer but if you

want to see a more in-depth one I'll

make one of those modern ones for you I

think someone mentioned it the other day

so I'm downloading Kaspersky for him

it's a free piece of software I wanted a


this he hasn't got any sort of antivirus

or anything like that on the system so

I'm just going to download this and

install it now you can use BitDefender

or avast or whatever it is you want to

use on your system it really doesn't

matter and you don't need to pay for

antivirus software I'll see someone

mention about paid anti viruses are

better and they're better than free ones

there's no difference between paid and

free antivirus software apart from

features so just bear that in mind the

definition database is exactly the same

it's just features that you're painful

and support so let's go into

installation here for Kaspersky and you

can see they're starting to install and

of course I'll run a full scan on this

when I've left the system and you can

see it's already detected he has

malwarebytes on the system so it wants

to remove malwarebytes and that's fine

because they will clash someone was

mentioned about malwarebytes the other

day the problem is my malwarebytes is

themed as a sort of antivirus program

now on that was a you know a simple

scanning software so if you're using the

premium version then you will have to

remove that from the system it doesn't

play well together with other software

like this so just bear that in mind and

you don't need too many of these so

we're just gonna remove these on here

you can see there's a bunch a little

bits and pieces on here and see and this

looks like adware really toolbars as you

can see there so I'm just gonna remove

these from the system and you should be


so as you can see there wasn't really

much on here I will get some samples for

you and I will infect a system for you

and show you the full process of

cleaning up a system in 2019 if you want

to see that video then let me know in a

comment section below and I'll be happy

to make a video on that removing malware

and other nasties from the computer so

that is the scan complete okay so we

just need to quickly restart the

computer here and it will start to

install his anti-malware or Antivirus


or cloud software hey as long as you use

some sort of combination where it's

firewall and antivirus or anti-malware

something like that and you can use anti

ransomware as well and make regular

backups and a cross don't click on

malicious stuff and download dodgy stuff

off the internet and don't go to

dodgy sites and you won't get infected

it's that simple now if you want to see

a full-blown video on this with a really

heavily infected PC then let me know in

the comment section below

I'll be happy to do that video for you

obviously I was expecting this one to be

a little bit more juicy than what it was

but it turned out to be quite mild

infection to be honest but very mild to

be honest it was oddly anything on there

but I'll just want to show you a little

quick process there is some other things

that you need to do like clear out the

restore the points there if you've got

any and also some other bits and pieces

and I wanted to show you that bow of a

cell couldn't because it wasn't that bad

and again if you're having trouble

getting programs installed or running

then you can use programs like our kill

to kill off any sort of process that's

running to stop that running so you can

get the program to run and again you can

also boot into safe mode and run scans

from there as well to make it easier for

yourself but other than that I'm gonna

wrap this one up my name has been Brian

from Bright's a computer's doc ok let me

know in the comment section below

whether you want to see that video or

not and I'll do my best to make those

videos for you

have a great weekend and I shall see you

again for another video real soon bye

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