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Heat Rash - Easy Solutions for Prickly Summer Problem

heat rash prickly heat or was called

miliaria results from dead skin cells

sweat and even bacteria clogging the

sweat ducts well this is not a major

problem and only lasts for a couple days

it can be quite a nuisance so here are

some tips to help keep it away

first of all wear breathable light

fitting clothing to allow sweat to

evaporate and not clog your pores also

do not apply ointment or creams to the

areas where you tend to get this as this

can also clog your pores if you find you

get the really red and itchy miliaria or

heat bumps bacteria may be to blame make

sure to go out and get a benzoyl

peroxide base acne body wash to help

prevent that bacteria from getting into

your skin as well as getting rid of that

redness and itching