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Birth control options reduces abortion rates and unwanted pregnancies

unplanned or unwanted pregnancies have a

negative effect on the woman's health

early pregnancy or childbirth carries

morbidity and mortality risk for the

female contraception has substantial

health benefits there are different

methods of contraception there is a wide

variety of choice from which a woman can

choose whichever method suits her not

only during the phase of the interval

period when one is not pregnant

you can even adopt a method nowadays

immediately after delivery or cesarean

section by having a copper T inserted as

soon as the baby and the placenta

delivered this is known as postpartum

IUD that is postpartum intrauterine

device insertion it is a very good

method because one does not need to

visit the hospital separately there are

many other methods like one can take

medicines oral medicines one can have a

copper T inserted you can use some

patches and there are even transdermal

implants available which can be inserted

under the skin and they work very nicely

or one can insert drugs in the vagina

also in the form of vagina rings

contraception allows you to prevent

pregnancy some types of birth control

can even lower the risk of contracting a

sexually transmitted infection the use

of contraception helps you to determine

how many children you may have and also

plan the timing of your pregnancies the

male partner also needs to participate

in the process of contraception he can

also use condoms or barrier method which

gives you the additional advantage of

preventing one from transmission of the

sexually transmitted diseases the use of

emergency contraception should be

reserved for use during emergency only

like if you have tone condom or

sometimes one has inherently had a

sexual intercourse and should not be

adopted as a method of regular

contraception contraception is important

not only to prevent the woman's health

from repeated abortions but it helps in

spacing pregnancies also so once a woman

delivered one baby it is better to

conceive after minimum three years of

the previous delivery so that she can

recapitulate her health in the meantime

if you feel that having a baby right now

is something you are not ready for then

the use of contraception may be

important for you to use the

contraception as per the advice of a

medical expert Ciaran bhardwaj DD news