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hey guys definitely board-certified

dermatologists today we'll be talking

about how to treat acne how you can

treat acne in pregnancy what to do which

is safe what to do over-the-counter and

later on I'll give you an insight in

regards to how my profession as a

dermatologist how we approach hormonal

in pregnancy induced acne so not that we

want to fence it but 50% of acne gets

better in pregnancy and unfortunately

the other 50% gets worse

so the cause is obviously hormonal yeah

and most often females are on the pill

for example oral contraceptive pill

which may contain Sabaton acetate which

is an anti hormone or risperidone which

is an anti hormone this rule so

brands like yes Yasmin Dian Estelle

Julia they all contain any hormones and

as soon as you come off the pill in Troy

default prison usually within one to

three months if you gotta give acne that

usually occurs then and it's unfortunate

because all this time basically we're

masking the actual hormonal input for

acne when pregnancy arrives with

together with the stress of pregnancy

and hormonal influx

that's when 50 percent of patients with

acne that actually gets worse yeah so

what can you do what can you try at home

that is both cost effective effective

but most importantly safe yes so the

first thing we can do is to use simple

washes so but prior to the washes I

would always preach holistic management

of acne yeah so most dermatologists

before we even go for a scrip pad we

would like patients to try diet yeah so

simple things like diet can help because

foods high in Dairy Dairy constituents

for example milk yogurt that can make

acne worse as well as high sugar foods

so foods which have a very high content

of processed or refined sugars that's

bad yeah so try to go for your fresh

natural non process anything you can

find the packet generally speaking is

bad but there

you can buy that's raw that you have to

cook generally speaking that's

considered good so look that's probably

a good place to start

yeah because most of us don't want to

use any form of drugs yeah so that's

probably the first place diet lifestyle

changes lifestyle modification so what

can you do

ok cleanses so what cleanser could you

try salicylic acid yeah so now the

flipside is this most dermatologists of

my colleagues including myself will not

use a salicylic acid peel in pregnancy

however would be fine to actually

advocate the salicylic acid wash because

peels they range from anywhere between

eight ten percent go over thirty percent

and on well wash is usually about two

percent and you put it on and you wash

it off so the absorption in the cell

silic acid it's extremely small with

washers so something like Neutrogena

that make a good one it's oil free wash

it's relatively cheap you can try that

especially for comedonal acne black your

back knee and you might want to try once

a day if you have no redness burning

stinging irritation you can start using

twice a day so salicylic acid washes the

first thing if you have access to an

alpha hydroxy acid wash of glycolic acid

wash you can combine that with the cells

so weak acid providing you don't have

any skin irritation most dermatologists

prefer salicylic acid because it's more

like a philic in other words it goes

into the oil glands a little bit better

compared to a Ajay's but a O'Jays if

you're using something like it is

ten days j15 super safe in pregnancy so

that is what we advocate if we're going

to go for peel that would be the people

of choice either lactic or alpha hydroxy

acid /

glycolic acid peel now topically what

can use or what creams can use

unfortunately in pregnancy you can use

things like there's a lot retinol

retinyl retinol vitamin A derivatives

and they get converted to written they

work acid so that's written off the

retina weak acid retinoic acid

unfortunately is teratogenic in other

words it has been shown to cause

malformations in values especially all

in the newborn especially at high cotton

Russians and things like I said written

now and in that is why this pregnancy

warning with acute a narrow extent so it

trickles down all the way them from the

Roaccutane accutane all the way down to

your prescription retinoids it is r18

your adapt alina salsa trick knowing and

trickles all the way down to retinol so

that's a no-no most of us are okay with

in the context of prescription topical

retinoids in the context of lactation

but most of us in fact I don't think I

have any of my colleagues will be gutsy

enough to prescribe a written no even

yet even their written all in pregnancy

right so that's in the whales can use

but you can use a zealot gases that

zelich acid is a category a slash

category B depending on what country

you're at it's super safe you can buy

that as a topical so things like as

clear Phoenicia

these are all trusted brands even

Paula's Choice has got one yeah so it

ranges from five to fifteen percent so

as alak acid can kill bacteria right so

it can be anti-inflammatory and it can

also be a keratolytic in other words it

can normalize your oil glands so he's

alec acid is very safe in what we

advocate this well so we talked about

benzoyl peroxide so benzoyl peroxide is

BPO which is an oxidizing agent so

that's a second wash or yeah second wash

you can try after salicylic acid just

don't combine it because otherwise it

bisque in the rotation so benzoyl

peroxide is a Ben Zakai see it's also

known as proactive so concentrations

vary between two all the way to ten

percent it's great if you're using

BPO to start off at about two two point

five percent and the trick is to

actually apply for example as a face

wash wash leave on for at least 60

seconds before washing off yeah because

it works it's in oxidizing agent it

needs to get into your oil glands and

kill the bacteria so we talked about

salicylic acid washes we talked about as

alak acid we talked about

benzoyl peroxide we're talking about

diet and we talked about a couple of the

other peels what else can you try

believe in they're not the one of the

most effective things for acne

especially if you're pregnant is like

treatment yes that's called photo

therapy they were told have been using

5:34 many decades in even with acne we

know that red and blue light especially

the blue light spectrum anywhere between

405 nanometers all the way up to about

440 450 nanometers that's blue light can

actually kill ya bacteria that causes

acne you see acnes now what you know I

have a lot of people ask why when we

talk about sun protection why do some

dermatologists say why don't you go out

get some sunlight when you have acne

reason being that you can wear sunscreen

no sunscreen here is the further biology

sunscreen protects UVB UVB is the

burning spectrum yeah but it also

protects UVA and the good ones protect

against long yvv it does not protect the

invisible light so you can actually put

sunscreen on so if you have acne if

you're really struggling if you're

pregnant if you're undergoing conception

and you don't want to try anything else

seriously do this use some sunscreen use

some good sunscreen and go out in the

Sun something like midday not midday Sun

mid morning Sun or mid afternoon Sun

just go there for 15 minutes every day

right so we're not I'm not asking you to

go out there to get burnt I'm not asking

you to go and get a tan I'm asking you

to go out and get more wrinkles but

sensible sunlight the reason being is

that sunscreen protects you against UVB

UVA it allows visible light to go


it's the visible light spectrum with the

blue and with the red usually around 600

then 10 to about 640 nanometers so that

goes straight through sunscreen those

two wavelengths of light

activate the porphyrins would see acnes

produce so the bacteria itself produced

chemicals the chemicals are

light-sensitive you're using natural

sunlight to activate the chemicals to

kill the bacteria to decrease your

amount of zits pustules this papules the

whole lot so sensible

sunlight is super important okay so what

else can you try we've talked about I

guess over-the-counter preparations

how did dermatologists approach acne in

pregnancy the first thing we do is most

importantly yes is like I said most of

us would encourage you guys to go and

lifestyle changes including diet

generally speaking when you see a

dermatologist you exhaust that

everything else here you've tried

over-the-counter preparations you've had

life you've had diet modifications

you've had washes the whole lot so most

of us would advocate or most of us would

take out the script because that's what

we do prescribed yes in fact that the

patient just come by to me last week and

goes well you know what I've seen that

the dermatologist and although one did

subscribe yes that's what we do would

prescribe we tried to prescribe

lifestyle changes prior to seeing us and

hence that's why these videos are very

important because gives you a heads up

but when you see a dermatologist most of

us would have almost patients with it

exhausted everything else and you know

considering our training yes we you know

I reach for the prescription pad well

not really this date but I still reach

for the description pad if I need to get

the job done efficiently and effectively

as well so dermatology would probably

prescribe category a topical yeah so the

first thing we do is probably go for

erythromycin so something like Eric acne

in the gel you can get erythromycin

together with zinc zimmerit especially

in Europe so I remember when I'm working

in the UK and United Kingdom many months

ago I used to prescribe a lot of Zinner

it and that's the other thing as well

zinc supplementation is super safe some

like zinc sulfite and it can help with

acne as well so if you want to try a

naturopathic way of doing things

practicing a derm zinc is the way to go

yeah so we start off with the rim Ison

but that's category a so we want to we

don't want to use tablets most of us

don't want to use tab tablet sometimes

if we're pushed at the third try

so we may use erythromycin orally so

topically what else can we use this is

how Dems a project we go earthdome Ison

and they've got that we might go

clindamycin some like clean the tech

because it's still a category a so those

are our two go to antibiotics things

like traditional I guess topicals like

sorry to traditional tablets inside

tetracyclines doxycycline minocycline

they're not authorized in pregnancy that

can cause abnormalities of the teeth yes

for my deformation of teeth in in the

near night so we do not advocate that

none of us would prescribe tetracyclines

doc seeing all in in pregnancy going up

from there we use our own photo therapy

so either things like blue lights though

either a blue light limb for example

Omni lux Clarisse that makes it this

well most of us don't want to use the

biophotonics with Claressa

we take out the amino livening acid

topical and we would use the two white

wings of blue light somewhere around 420

before 40 nanometers and probably cook

that for a couple of minutes the other

thing we can use is the red light

well light in the red spectrum we just

around six ten to six thirty six 40

nanometers so that's super cyclist world

because we're using light to activate

the porphyrins but when we use light

it's a lot more a lot stronger compared

to what you get from exposure going out

in the Sun so what we'd prescribed for

example it's you know 37 millijoules

over 7 minutes 30 seconds using active

light in that seven minutes 30 seconds

you've probably the same amount of to

get the same amount of light you

probably need to be out in the Sun for

two to three hours because that's the

activation timer we use for don't like

further than it therapy so yeah we use

our own red our own blue sometimes we

use lasers so things like 595 any of the

vascular lasers we can also use IPL or

bbl and we can

we put in the filter we can use a blue

light filter 420 nanometers or we can go

up to the red light filter and cook it

with it so light is super safe in

pregnancy lasers in the context of

vascular lasers to decrease at low level

lasers to decrease the amount of acne

activity most of us would advocate that

as safe as well look guys I hope you

liked that video it just gives you an

insight in regards to acne how common it

is how they treat it how to manage it

safely and if you guys are pregnant out

there there are ways to treat it

efficiently in most cases the

over-the-counter preps which I outline

will give you a good result guys please

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you next week

bye for now