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How to Get Rid of Pregnancy Nausea! TOP 5 TIPS!

hey guys welcome to my 12-week buff date

so I'm officially in the last week of my

first trimester so happy about that made

it through so so happy about that

at 12 weeks the baby is the size of a

plum and for this bump table I actually

wanted to do something a little bit

differently I wanted to share with you

my top 5 tips of how I managed nazia

throughout my first trimester so this

pregnancy has been way better than my

first pregnancy nausea wise and of

course every pregnancy is different but

there are definitely some things I did

in this pregnancy that I think really

helped me out so I'm gonna share those

top five things with you and maybe

they'll help you out too so a number one

tip is in the very beginning when I had

actually the most nausea I drink lemon

water so I would take a big glass of

water and I would literally take fresh

lemons and squeeze like a whole lemon if

not at least a half of a lemon into a

big glass of water and for whatever

reason the limit water totally cut out

my nausea whenever I was feeling really

really queasy I would just go drink some

of it and it went away and it was like a

miracle drink and it was super super

super helpful I didn't drink it there on

my whole trimester but when I was like

really craving it that's when I drink it

and that's when it was really helpful

and then I sort of just stopped needing

it as the first trimester progressed

number two I ate something as soon as I

woke up so throughout my first pregnancy

I had like a sleeve of those saltine

crackers and I had that by my bed I

carried it around I took it with me

everywhere luckily I have not had to do

that with this pregnancy but what I did

have to do and which made a huge

difference was when I first got up first

out of the bed I ate something

immediately and I did not eat something

but queasiness and the nausea

started to set in and it was really

really hard once I've reached that point

to kind of balance back out of it it was

a lot easier to prevent reaching that

point and to manage manasa before it

really hit so in the beginning what I

ate was just a piece of toast with

butter and jam and I ate that every

single morning for like the first half

of the first trimester and then it

switched I had a different craving and I

ate a piece of cheese cheddar cheese

every single morning when I first woke

up and I'm still doing that today so

when I first wake up I eat a little bit

of cheddar cheese and it is it stops me

from getting nauseous in the morning

it's amazing it just gets out a little

bit of protein or that little bit of

something in your stomach before the

nausea starts to hit or at least that's

how it's working for me number three so

this is a really hard one this took a

lot of self-discipline and I was not

perfect at it but I made getting out

there and exercising a huge priority in

my first trimester I definitely slowed

down a bit for at least a couple weeks

you might have probably only got out for

a jog like once or twice a week but

those were my worst weeks what I realize

is that even when I felt terrible if I

could push through and get in some kind

of exercise whether it was going for a

jog whether it's going for a walk or a

bike ride or even just doing like a

simple at-home YouTube video workout

just something to get my heart rate up

have a little bit of a sweat build and

just like kind of get your body moving

when I was able to do that I felt so

much better so if I woke up feeling

terrible and I could push through and

get some exercise in it just made my

whole body feels so much better when

nausea was like way more manageable that

day and I it just made me feel a lot

better so I know sometimes

exorcising especially in the first

trimester is like the last thing I know

I wanted to do but I just felt so much

better if I was able to go out there and

do it so I would definitely highly

recommend pushing through and even if

it's just a simplest walk around the

block I really think it's gonna help

make you feel better number four I

really tried to drink a lot of water and

I have been trying to track how much

water I've been drinking I've had I have

like a big mason jar and I try to drink

like at least two of those doesn't

always happen but on the days when I

drink a lot of water I felt a lot better

I definitely noticed that my nausea

would be way less if I was super

hydrated I think being dehydrated

definitely can trigger the nausea

because there was days I mean it was

like super hot out I wasn't drinking a

lot of water and those were definitely

my more nauseous days so definitely

drink your water and maybe your living

water because that's great to finally

number five so number five is continuing

to eat throughout the day so I was

always eating a lot of food in like the

morning to the afternoon

and then I would kind of for whatever

reason would stop eating and then it

would be the closer got to dinnertime

actually my nausea would pick up I know

a lot of people deal with a lot of

morning nausea and then it gets better

throughout the day for me it was

actually at the end of the day that I

got the worst and it was because I

wasn't eating so I wasn't balancing my

blood sugar I wasn't balancing I wasn't

like filling my body with nutrients my

stomach was getting too empty so if I

let my stomach get too empty that's when

the nausea

definitely hit so I learned ok I'm not

super hungry right now nothing really

sounds good but I need to eat just

something little just something little

it could again be like a little bit of

cheese or like maybe some peanut butter

toast or something really simple

probably but just something and my

stomach to hold me until dinner and what

happened is actually if I would skip an

afternoon snack it was so hard to eat


nothing sounded good for dinner dinner

has been the biggest struggle meal wise

for me throughout this first trimester

dinner has been a little worse because

nothing ever sounds good for dinner and

it's usually because I have an empty

stomach so I'm starting to feel nauseous

and all food sounds disgusting but the

longer I wait to eat the more notches

like it so it was really a vicious like

cycle it's not fun but if I was to eat a

snack it went a lot smoother and I could

maybe even make something for dinner

that was like a real meal and healthy

and it was just a lot better whenever I

ate those afternoon snacks so definitely

continuing to eat small meals throughout

the day really helped me out but those

are my top five tips on how I managed

nausea throughout my first trimester I

was really lucky this pregnancy to not

have terrible morning or all-day

sickness I know a lot of women out there

struggle with that and I feel so badly

for you because even just feeling

nauseous is the worst it just you don't

feel good and I know how hard that can

be but I hope you try these tips if you

are struggling with nausea I hopefully

help you leave it them down in the

comments below and if you have your own

tips on how you manage nausea maybe

throw out your own pregnancy definitely

leave those down in the comments below

I know these are kind of general tips

you can read like any article about how

to help manage nausea and these tips are

probably on there on but for whatever

reason I did not follow them with my

first pregnancy so

I did some things different this time

around and I see I feel like I made a

really big difference and I wanted to

share that with you guys

so definitely thumbs up this video if

you thought it was helpful and I'll see

you guys next week okay also thumbs up

for making it through the first

trimester pretty much over pretty much