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Migraines during pregnancy

hello I'm Hartford healthcare is Rebecca

Stewart connecting you to healthier a

family's first pregnancy is supposed to

be a time of great excitement but

debilitating headaches topped one young

mom to be in her tracks this is a look

at a newer treatment offered in very few

places Kate Weisman is looking forward

to her little bundle of joy do this

September but as her body started

creating this little miracle there was

an unexpected but not in common side

effect brutal migraine headaches driving

was the first thing that was really kind

of scary because I'd be driving and then

I would lose vision light sound

everything was unbearable the medication

made her feel worse and she was worried

about what she was doing to her baby I

couldn't live with these migraines where

I couldn't work I couldn't enjoy life

couldn't enjoy being pregnant at all

she went to six different doctors and

was finally referred to one of the

world's experts dr. Brian Grossberg at

the Hartford Health Care headache center

the reason why it's even more important

is because most women who were pregnant

we're told that they can't take certain

medications and he had an alternative

one that not many people know about

nerve blocks for headache the nice thing

about the nerve blocks is not only do

they rapidly suppress pain but the

medications that are being used are

generally okay with most obstetricians

as well as many high risk maternal fetal

medicine specialist it's just little

tiny tiny tiny needles they're really


she calls the treatment life changing

and that means she could go back to

focusing on all the adventures ahead I

feel 100% better it's like a brand-new

day for now she's getting those

treatments every four weeks to learn

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