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Pregnancy Gas and Bloating

hi I'm Monica Healy from pregnancy chat

we've been receiving a lot of questions

in regards to swollen tummies and when

I'm talking about a swollen tummy I'm

not actually referring to your baby bump

during pregnancy hormones play havoc

with your gastrointestinal tract these

hormones mainly progesterone relaxes the

smooth muscle of your body and so that

includes the smooth muscle of your

intestinal tract and this relaxation

causes your digestion to slow down the

good news is that the slowing down of

digestion allows your body to absorb

more more of the nutrients into your

bloodstream and that means more

nutrition for your baby

although these hormones are important

for baby the bad news is it causes

bloating and flatulence

now to alleviate some of this during

pregnancy we suggest that you you know

keep your bowels moving because

constipation can aggravate this even

further and so if you drink plenty of

fluids and include high fiber food in

your diet and make physical activity

part of your routine this can help we

also suggest that you change your eating

habits try and find out which foods that

you can and cannot tolerate you know

eliminating gas forming foods like

broccoli Brussels sprouts cabbage fried

foods beans onions garlic and carbonated

beverages these are just a few of the

foods that you may be consuming that are

you know increasing the symptoms of

bloating and and gas we also suggest

that if you start eating smaller meals

so that you're not overloading your

digestive system and just eat more

frequently and try to just relax and eat

slowly so that you're not swallowing air

chew your food really well so that

you've got a head start on digestion and

and don't lie down rate after your meal

either because this can cause the food

to reflux and it cause heartburn so I

hope that you find this helpful and

thanks for visiting our site and post

any questions or comments below and we'd

appreciate that thank you very much