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I'm Sydney and I'm gonna be sharing with

you guys two tips of how to really fight

back on my face but before we get

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I'm Keaney wellness and my transplant

journey so let's just hop right into

this video so when I first heard of

taking prednisone I was 13 years old and

I was taking it to fight back

kidney disease and I remember when I

first started taking it I really didn't

know what to expect about prednisone I

didn't know I was literally like taking

it blindly and I didn't know that one of

the side effects was the whole moon face

and waking the increase of appetite

which led to weight gain so I didn't

watch my diet I didn't take care of

myself and I literally ended up gaining

20 pounds in one month I remember I had

the biggest moon face and it made me

feel just horrible about myself

physically and and like mentally because

I just thought very low myself I didn't

think I was I didn't feel confident in

my own body anymore because of my whole

moon phase you know our face is our

presentation you know we are always

trying to look the best in our face in

our area just anywhere we always want to

look presentable but I know with having

a moon face it can be very difficult

when your face is not your face anymore

all this weight gain has caused your

face to have chipmunk cheeks and this

round face and I just want to let you

guys know that if you guys are going

through that coz I know I'm going

through its just be strong always think

positive always think you know okay this

is a season like I said

previous videos we will conquer we will

conquer you know we are going from glory

to glory we have to think that way so

these are my two tips and tip number one

to really get rid of the chipmunk cheeks

that I know that helps the whole method

I know from experience this has helped

me is to really watch my diet and what I

mean about watching your diet is get rid

of high sodium foods get rid of high

sugary foods like the candy I noticed

when I would eat like chips and candy

and all that junk my the next day or my

moon face will be even bigger but really

trying to lay off that stuff and really

watch how you're eating try to consume

more vegetables more fruit more

healthier things and what I mean by

watching your diet yes keep watching

your diet but most importantly do these

juice blends I am telling you guys this

will really help on your moon face I

know how a moon face still but I notice

when I take these blends I like start to

lose extra fluid weight that I that my

body is retaining just everywhere from

my stomach from my face I just start to

lose it all during the day if I take

that blend in the morning the other day

I'm just making tons of urine and that

really helped me with my moon phase

because if you are taking it

consistently all that fluid would just

leave your system so I strongly suggest

really doing the juice plants and really

watching your diet guys if you guys want

to see the juice cleanse that I make

I'll link it down in the descriptions

below because I actually have a youtube

video explaining it it really works as a

diuretic and I highly highly recommend

that you guys check that video out and

definitely try it because not only does

the detox renews but it will make your

moon face go down believe it or not it

really will and I had to learn this from

experience to trial and error just

trying different things another tip and

I know this is probably repetitive

because you guys probably hear it from

your doctor but exercise matters you had

to really watch your exercise like try

walking trying getting like try getting

yourself hot and sweaty so then all that

extra fluid from your face can just

start sweating now and just really try

to exercising walk you know a simple

exercise walking jogging I've actually

started going to the gym a week ago so

I'm currently working out more you know

in the comments down below if you guys

want to see my gym routine so guys I

highly recommend to really watch your

exercise so guys I know this video is

quick and chouette and it's probably

repetitive you guys probably heard this

advice before but really those two

things really matter if you want to get

rid of a moon please just really watch

it your diet in exercise so if you guys

have any questions please leave them in

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to you guys I read every single comment

and also if you guys have any video

requests definitely leave those in the

comments down below as well so thank you

guys so much I hope you guys learned

from this video and I hope this helped

you guys so bye everyone have a

beautiful and bust day