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How a man reversed his prediabetes diagnosis

I'd had health issues off and on for

several years I was in the process of

changing doctors the doctor had asked me

to come in and do some initial setup

work do blood tests blood work and

things like that and he then called me a

few days later after I had done the

initial blood work and said I need to

see you today at that point my stomach

fell out of me I was terrified because

it was just scary and at that point I

went in and spoke with him and he said

your blood tests are back and you're

borderline diabetic I want to throw you

into the diabetic category but I want to

give you a chance to remedy this

situation first I was aware of

prediabetes as a condition it was

somewhat foreign to me because it was

just something that I'd heard about kind

of vaguely off of the periphery

somewhere but once I heard about it once

he said you have this or you're

borderline diabetic at that point I

started doing some research but what do

I need to do what our treatment options

is there a way to come back from this

and at that point I kind of made a

resolution in myself that I was going to

make some changes in my life and try to

do something to remedy this people of

the diabetes Resource Center provided an

excellent framework in that they looked

at all of the things that you know how

to do for the most part eat less

calories work out more but it gave you

specific and focused direction as to

what particular things that you either

doing and properly or you need to do

better they were mentors they were

encouraging you were always friendly

they weren't negative about aspects they

would would nudge you in the right

direction if I had not gotten this

diagnosis I probably would be in a

situation where five years down the road

I'd be 260 270 pounds still still eating

on the road and not really paying

attention to what I was eating I would

be diabetic I might have a stroke at

some point in the not too distant future

just just generally not healthy I

probably wouldn't see my son graduate

high school or college and team getting

married and when we able to live a long

life with my wife and those are things

that are very important to me my message

to a pre-diabetic would be that small

steps that first get you a long way back

away from diabetic condition of any type

it's not difficult necessarily but you

do have to make some changes and you

have to make some decisions and what

what's important