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How To Remove Penile Bumps On Shaft (Pearly Penile Papules)?

hi my name is dr. Kelvin and I'm from

dr. tan and partners and today I will be

talking about pearly penile papules

pearly penile papules or PPP for short

appear around the base of the head of

the penis which is underneath the

foreskin for those who are uncircumcised

they appear as small as 1 millimeter

bumps with a white pearly appearance and

can be quite numerous the important

thing to note about PPP is that it is a

normal variant and is not sexually

transmitted disease many men and their

partners are often worried by the

appearance but often nothing needs to be

done however should we want to remove

the bumps for cosmetic reasons then we

can help the procedure starts with a

healthy application of numbing cream to

the area with PPP we then leave it for 1

hour to soak in and take effect after

the hours elapsed we can begin to remove

the PPP with an electric laser similar

to the ones we used for mold removal the

procedure itself should be painless with

the application of the numbing cream and

takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete

once finished we will supply you with

some healing cream to apply over the

area for about 2 weeks and then we will

probably review again at 4 weeks if a

touch-up is needed we can do it at that



PPP is nothing to be worried about as it

is considered normal but should you want

to remove them for cosmetic purposes

please visit our clinics for

consultation thank you for watching and

dr. Calvin from dr. tan and partners for

more information about this and other

useful health tips please visit our

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