get rid


hey guys I am back with a another video

you made a Epis thing the buddha-like

there's one do I don't know if it's just

me but large pores are a total it in my

life now I must say I was never the one

to have huge problematic skin like I

really never suffer from acne any type

of scarring or anything like that but

let me tell y'all these craters okay do

you see them do you see them will just

never go away so I found myself

scrolling through Instagram you know

what I love to do in my past time when I

should be doing other work and I came

across a way on how you can make those

pores disappear the only ingredient that

you will need is pepto bismal if it was

just me but I was never a fan of the

pepto bismal when I was growing up was

something about the pink bubblegum

flavor that just made my stomach go oh a

good thing we are not drinking is okay

so we're gonna go ahead and give this a

trial run fingers crossed that this is a

Holy Grail and not a fail before we

actually try this out in the comments

below let me know if you think this will

be a fail or a Holy Grail right now our

wit okay great and let's let's give this

thing and go okay so first up and

probably the most important is um to get

this thing open Wow okay so before I

began you guys are probably thinking

Morgan no why the heck with this even

work in the first place great question

so I did a little research okay I can I

can't just be like telling y'all stuff

and not having you know things to back

it up IV heck pepto-bismol funny grinia

inside of pepto-bismol is beta hydroxyl

s very much this ingredient I didn't

shrinks and uncle's pores

yes that's it oh that was simple it also

says that the aspirin in here is also

good for spot treatment for acne oh good

and lastly pepto-bismol has allistic

acid which gives your face an instant

glow after you wash it off oh not only

are we gonna be getting rid of those


okay we're also gonna have that glowy

Beyonce after the VMAs glow going on

over here oh my god I thought my phone

just let's go ahead and give this a try

so if you're lazy like me and you don't

feel like going all the way downstairs

and get abode and going back up the

stairs and bring it back that's fine you

can just use the cup that already comes

with it

gonna crack it open they don't have a

safety City much we're just gonna pour

you know we don't really have to measure

it just enough enough will do then you

can use any type of applicator brush to

go ahead and put this on your

problematic areas for me it would

definitely have to be my nose and my

cheek areas this is also safe to apply

around your whole face if you feel like

you want to definitely make sure you do

a spa treatment first just to make sure

okay you don't break out and have to go

to hospital and you know all that stuff

warning do not use this if you are

allergic to aspirin because like I

mentioned a little little little bit ago

I'm aspirin is in here so don't don't do

it don't do it so here's one side and

then also the other side you can see

those pores okay so now that they be

forced out of the way it's time to get

down and dirty I'm going to go ahead and

apply a little bit right on my nose it

smells really good


now once you have applied it to all of

your target areas you're going to go

ahead and let that sit and dry for about

five to ten minutes but maybe closer to

five because I can already feel it

starting to get dry on my face and I go

ahead and set my timer for five minutes

and yeah I'll be right back Bendis

already and your girl look at me skinny

jeans on and you know my head okay okay

um this thing is definitely dried up

rather quickly and I can tell because I

can't really open my mouth that why my

face is like stuck like X that will be

to remove it I'm just going to go ahead

and take a damp cloth and go ahead and

Oh take it off oh it feels good

oh my skin actually feels rather tight

Wow my skin feels really good I really

goes you can see I completely rinsed off

all of the residue and this is the

result oh my god oh my god okay here is

a close-up of my skin like guys look at

this okay deliver this obviously I

wouldn't say that my pores just

completely disappeared - but it actually

got in relatively smaller guys I will

have to you know I will have to give

this one to thumbs up definitely a Holy


like I said I was a little skeptical

like I don't know but it did prove me

wrong go get hit prove me wrong I hope

you guys enjoyed this video and if you'd

like to see me test out some other

things that are on the internet because

trust me there's a lot give this video a

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know how it worked for you also have you

guys today

again I really hope you guys enjoyed

this video and of course I will see you

all in my next video bye guys

you made a ever seen the Buddha like

this why why did they kick you my name

rolling off your toes when you

understand I just write another one I

sneeze nothing gonna be got sick like

y'all say y'all John say