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Post Nasal Drip - 10 Tips for Treatment

hello I'm dr. Nicholas Cohen and I'm

here to share with you a top 10 list of

tips for people with post nasal drip tip

number one is no one to suspect that you

have a post nasal drip now if you're I'm

talking about post nasal drip that's

been going on for more than several

weeks post nasal drip is a common thing

to have when you have a cold but the

treatment and discussion here is for

when this sensation has been going on

for several weeks beyond the time that

you've had a cold so post nasal drip is

the feeling that you have mucous in the

back of your throat that's tip number

one when you should suspect post nasal

drip when you've been having a feeling

of mucous in the back of your throat for

several weeks or more tip number two see

a doctor if you're experiencing what you

think might be post nasal drip make sure

you see a doctor there are many

different reasons to have a feeling of

mucus or extra phlegm in your throat in

your mouth and it's important for your

doctor to find out what it's most likely

the cause many of the different possible

causes of post nasal drip are Asma

that's being poorly controlled GERD

which is called which is reflux from

your stomach allergic rhinitis which is

when allergies cause you to have runny

nose and non allergic rhinitis when

other triggers cause you to have a runny

nose so make sure you so tip number two

is to make sure you see a doctor to

determine the cause of your post nasal

drip tip number three avoid smoking and

avoid secondhand smoke tobacco is a

respiratory irritant that can cause your

post nasal drip to get worse so make

sure you avoid smoking and avoid

exposure to tobacco tip number four

avoid many of the other triggers that

can cause post nasal drip for for

allergens these includes

include dust mites in your house it's

important to keep your house clean for

this reason and also Roach dander and

mold these are common causes of posts of

post nasal drip that can be avoided by

keeping your house clean also if you

have carpets in your house and you

determine that your post nasal drip is a

result of allergies then consider

removing these carpets as well as pets

if that's necessary and many people find

it helpful to have a HEPA air filter in

their house tip number five this is the

medical management of post nasal drip so

if you've tried the above avoidance of

risk factors and triggers then your

doctor may prescribe medications

medications that are recommended include

a combination of medications of these

the following two medications tip number

five is one of the two medications that

are combined and it's a topical

intranasal glucocorticoid this can be

used this should be used on a daily

basis regardless of whether or not

you're having symptoms and a common one

to use is flovent or intranasal

fluticasone propionate 200 or 400

micrograms per day this medication is

used in addition to another medication

and that's tip number six the other

medication is an antihistamine nasal

spray called as a lasting AZ L ast I and

II as a lasting 0.15%

which contains 205 micrograms per spray

you use one to two squirts in each

nostril twice a day and this medication

is decreased as your symptoms improve

tip number seven is another medication

that can be used especially if you're

having a lot of nasal or runny nose or

nasal congestion and that's a petroleum

bromide you can

use petroleum bromide 0.3% per nasal

spray using two sprays in each nostril

three times three times a day tip number

eight if you if you've been treated by

your doctor with the intranasal

antihistamine and the glucocorticoid and

you still do not have relief you may

consider an as-needed dose of

pseudoephedrine such as in sudafed

pseudo pseudoephedrine and a dose of 30

or 60 milligrams orally up to three

times a day on days when you're having

particularly bad symptoms may be helpful

however it is not recommended in people

with high blood pressure tip number nine

is the neti pot or any kind of lavage of

using saline of your nose the neti pot

is a common example of a name-brand

product which is a nasal lavage this

should be done daily and is useful when

you are have already tried that

medications they inhaled corticoid

corticoid and the antihistamine you can

actually use the neti pot before you use

these medications because it cleans up

your off your nasal mucosa and allows

the medication to more effectively get

to where it needs to go tip number ten

is believe in yourself having post nasal

drip is an extremely common condition

and there are many effective ways to

relieve your symptoms I hope this video

has been helpful and thank you very much

for listening have a great day