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How to Get Rid Rid of Acne Scars Completely!

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I'm gonna be talking about a topic that

has been so highly requested on my

channel I've seen so many people comment

about this and honestly I really want to

make a video because this is a really

big concern that a lot of people have

I'm going to be talking about how you

yes you can get rid of your acne

scarring as soon as possible because we

don't have time for this [ __ ] okay we

just we gotta go we don't have time for

scarring acne scarring whoo [ __ ] we're

acne scars are rough they're just a

reminder of the horrible days that we

used to have they're just relentless

they won't go away and I'm gonna teach

you guys how you can get rid of them or

the best ways I've found to get rid of

them so let's get into it so acne scars

how do we get rid of them I know you've

probably looked up so many different

recommendations you've heard so many

people who give you advice and I'm

better than all of them obviously but

chances are you already tried what they

recommended and now you're looking for

other options so I'm here to provide

uh-huh now our skin cycles through

itself every 30 to 60 days we're getting

a new layer of skin every single month

or two months depending on how old you

are and when you have acne scarring that

represents a level of damage that's so

deep that your skin is holding on to

that reminder and not letting go kind of

like when you break up with someone and

you still have their pictures you know

it just you just can't let it go but

before we get into the solutions I want

to be able to help you recognize what

type of acne scarring you have because

there's two main types of acne scarring

that you may see in your skin the first

physical scarring this is when you see a

lot of indentation within your skin

you'll see big kind of looks like chunks

were taken out of your skin big marks

anything that you can feel with your

fingers as you brush them across your

skin that's called physical scarring or

what I call physical scarring the second

type of acne scarring is pigment

scarring and this is when you see dark

spots dark areas because of you

previously having acne now don't worry

I'm gonna provide solutions for both of

them before we get into the need the

greedy I'm going to tell you guys one

main tip regardless of what type of

scarring you have that will make the

most difference when it comes to this

issue within your skin and a bunch of

other issues and that is sun protection

when it comes to getting rid of scarring

within your skin you have to stay

protected from the skin and the only way

you can do that is through proper SPF it

is important that with all of the

recommendations that I'm going to give

you you wear SPF every single day that

is so important because sun exposure is

responsible for the majority of problems

that we face within our skin not only

that exposure to the Sun while trying to

get rid of acne scarring can make your

skin worse so it's critical that you

stay out of the Sun or use sun

protection as much as possible and if

you want to see what sunscreens I

recommend for you stay to the end of the

video I talked about all my favorites

have been we good okay let's get into it

so I'm first going to talk about

physical scarring within the skin no

similar to what I was saying before our

skin is constantly producing new skin

every 30 to 60 days our skin will cycle

through itself meaning that we see new

skin cells on our face every 30 to 60

days we're kind of like snakes but not

as cool you know and the first way to do

that is through exfoliation I am a huge

fan of exfoliation especially for any

type of physical scarring because it is

the process of removing dead skin cells

from your face and helping assist your

skin create new skin cells now when I

talk about exfoliation I don't mean like

a scrub I'm talking about chemical

exfoliation chemical exfoliation it

tends to be a lot more effective for

removing scarring within the skin but

also for making sure that you don't

further damage your skin any type of

physical scrub especially when you have

acne scarring

I usually don't recommend because it

could lead to more problems within your

skin while chemical exfoliation is the

best way to go chemical exfoliation will

eat away at all the dead skin cells on

your face and help your skin to be able

to create brand new baby skin that's why

anytime you you do use a chemical

exfoliant your skin will look extra

glowy and extra beautiful because your

skin is pushing new skin to the surface

there are a ton of different chemical

exfoliants and I will go through the

most popular and what I personally

recommend the most popular being the dr.

Dennis gross pads almost every single

person I know of who has physical acne


recommends the dr. Dennis gross pads

because they have such a transformative

effect on the skin they are really

pricey who really pricey but people will

go on and on and on about the benefits

that the

see within their skin and I want to

mention that to you guys because you may

take some value in that however I have

tried those paths before I will link my

video in the description box below where

I tell you guys all about my thoughts

but I am personally not a huge fan of

dr. Dennis gross paths because of the

certain ingredients that they choose to

formulate their products with the main

one being two natured alcohol those pads

have an extremely high concentration of

denatured alcohol and that tends to be a

really stripping ingredient I personally

have a really bad reaction to the nature

of alcohol but regardless it's not a

good product that you should have within

your skincare so if you are to try those

pads be careful try it with a warning

maybe try a sample see what you think of

it as for the exfoliant I personally


I love the blue tansy mask buyer before

this mask has proven to be one of the

best for resurfacing my skin every

single time I use it my skin feels so

soft afterwards all the texture is gone

I can literally feel the dead skin cells

being taken off of my skin it is a

wonderful mask and you only have to do

it like two times a week for 15 minutes

it's great I highly recommend it to

everyone out there and especially if you

have sensitive skin like me this is a

great alternative because they tend to

have a lot less irritating ingredients

because herbivore tries to be as

non-toxic as possible within their

ingredient lists and it has an

ingredient called blue tansy which is

great for reducing redness and

irritation within the skin another way

of dealing with physical scarring is

through retinol now if you're not

familiar with retinol it is a very very

powerful ingredient that I highly

recommend to people who are looking to

reverse damage within their skin because

it is one of the only ingredients out

there that is scientifically proven to

reverse damage within the skin which is

really amazing because most skincare is

preventative retinol is reversing

retinol can be extremely sensitizing but

if you use it correctly you can see a

lot of really good benefits for your

skin now my personal favorite retinol is

the drunk elephant 1% retinol I've seen

so many good results within this product

if you want to see my full thoughts my

link will be in the description box

below this retinol is truly in my

opinion unlike any other retinol on the

market I love the ingredients that they

choose to formulate their product with

and I see dramatic results within my

skin but if that's a little too pricey

for you I highly recommend the ordinary

retinol treatment they have a few

different types I recommend starting out

with the least strong one and then

working your way up the great thing

about the ordinary is that it's

super affordable and very effective skin

care and their retinol products are some

of the most popular products that they

have so I definitely recommend giving

those a shot however I want to say as

with any retinol be very careful start

off using it only once a week only at

nighttime and you can work your way up

to more often some people say that you

can use retinol during the day I really

only recommend it during the nighttime

and then making sure you use SPF every

single day because it is a very very

strong ingredient the last thing for

taking care of physical scarring is to

get a smoothing effect as you're using

these treatments on your face I can

understand that you want to reduce the

appearance of the scarring on your face

and the first thing that I would

recommend is an ingredient called

niacinamide which this is an amazing

ingredient for not only hydrating the

skin but really smoothing over uneven

texture within the skin and my personal

favorite product is the ordinary

niacinamide and zinc treatment I've seen

really good results within my skin while

I've used this product and I think you

really could in terms of getting rid of

that physical scarring you see on your

face in addition to this there are some

silicone based products out there that

you may find really beneficial for

covering up your acne scarring silicones

aren't really beneficial for the skin

but they can prove to be effective in

reducing damage to the skin and giving

the skin a smooth surface that's why

products like benefit Porefessional are

so popular because of all the silicones

that they have in it I personally

recommend dimethicone that tends to be

one of the best silicones ingredients

that you can find and it's not going to

do anything amazing for your skin but it

will help it a little bit and just

reduce that appearance so your skin

looks a little more smooth alright now

that we got physical scarring a blow

away I want to talk about pigment

scarring like I said before this is when

you experience a lot of dark spots after

having acne and I personally have

struggled a lot with this often times

when I get a really bad pimple I will

see a dark spot left on the surface of

my skin and it's up to me to take care

of it ASAP because ain't nobody got time

to that now when it comes to getting rid

of those dark spots the first thing I

always recommend is a brightening

treatment and there are a lot of

ingredients out there that proves to be

really beneficial for the skin in terms

of brightening any dark spots that you

see the first I'm going to talk about is

the most recommended when it comes to

acne scarring and dark spots and that's

hydroquinone and you'll see this in

products like from Murad for example

their post acne spot lightening

treatment and other products like that

hydroquinone is such a powerful

ingredient in terms of brightening the

skin not gonna lie every time I've used

hydroquinone I see a dramatic result

within my skin within one to two days

the acne spot will be gone but I do have

to say this is an extremely

controversial ingredient and it is

illegal in many countries around the

world because of its harmful effects

under UV exposure hydroquinone is

typically used in skin whitening

products around the world and I am so

against skin whitening if you truly

believe in that or believe that skin

whitening products will help you I don't

think that's a good route to go it's

extremely harmful to your skin and the

chance that you will get skin problems

and possibly skin cancer is so out of

the roof high that you are putting

yourself in so much risk so when it

comes to hide you can own not my

favorite recommendation I never

recommend it for all over the face I

only recommend it for spots and if you

do not use an SPF with hydroquinone you

will see significant damage within your

skin so be aware of that just wanted to

educate you guys the main ingredient

that I always tend to recommend is a

vitamin C vitamin C is a really good

ingredient for brightening areas of the

face and also has powerful anti-aging

abilities as opposed to hydroquinone

vitamin C is great for putting all over

your face their effects are wonderful

and it protects your skin against damage

every single day there are some amazing

products out there my personal favorite

is either the vino perfect serum by

causally or the drunk elephant vitamin C

serum I've seen positive results from

both of these I like to use the caudally

for spots on my face and I like to use

the drunk elephant for all over my face

vitamin C is very effective but I

understand that sometimes it may not be

strong enough and if you're looking for

one of the strongest products out there

for vitamin C I definitely recommend the

Peter Thomas Roth and vitamin C serum

it's very powerful it has an extremely

high percentage of vitamin C and I only

recommend it for a spot treatment

because it is so strong but I think

that's a good alternative to Hydra Konan

that's much more safe and beneficial for

the skin so in addition to brightening

treatments I also recommend exfoliation

similar to physical scarring because

exfoliation can really just help make

sure you get that damaged skin off your

face and help your body focus on

creating brand-new healthy skin pretty

much any exfoliator will work my

personal favorite I love how I'm talking

about drunk elephants so much but legit

guys drunk elephants one of my favorite

lines out there I just really love them

but for this I recommend the drunk

elephant TLC night serum is a complex of

a bunch of different exfoliating acids

into a nightly serum treatment a little

bit last a long time and its really good

results it was the first drunk elephant

product I ever fell in love with because

the results were so dramatic and I just

really liked it it's a great product for

exfoliating your face in addition to

that the kale yeah you yeah I don't know

how to pronounce it kale yeah you from

crave beauty is also a great chemical

exfoliant that you can use to dissolve

the dead skin cells on your face and

then finally I want to recommend my

favorite sunscreens to you guys because

like I said before sunscreen is the most

important aspect of taking care of your

skin let alone trying to get rid of

scarring and my personal number one

favorite that I found is the sirve

mineral SPF 30 sunscreen

I love the ingredients within this

product I love that it's ocean safe it

feels very light on the skin and there's

a minimal white cast it lasts a long

time and it's just overall a really

great price point product I didn't spend

too much it's effective it doesn't feel

like I'm wearing anything on my face and

I don't feel like you know throughout

the day when I look in the mirror and

I'm like oh I'm wearing a sunscreen it

just looks beautiful on the skin and

it's the best that I've managed to find

so far also besides that I've been using

the Neutrogena SPF for sensitive skin

this one's pretty good because it's

great for people with problems like

eczema or acne but in addition to that

it's also ocean safe which is something

that's really important to me it's a

little bit on the thicker side but

definitely one that I recommend as well

my very last tip that I'm gonna give you

guys if you are having major concerns

and problems with your skin because of

acne scarring if anything just go to a

dermatologist and see what they

recommend while I am a skincare

specialist I am NOT licensed like a

dermatologist would be to provide that

kind of feedback for you and if you

really are concerned just go to a

dermatologist ask his or her advice

they'll be able to give you a lot of

product recommendations and advice for

taking care of your skin and they're

much more educated than I am my hope is

to be able to help you guys find some

solutions but if you really are

concerned dermatologist is the way to go

whew that was a lot of information I'm

kind of impressing myself I was just

like rapid-fire and I haven't even had

coffee what is going on god is good

let me know what you guys think if you

agree with any of my recommendations

or disagree let me know down below feel

free to leave tips and tricks for people

because I know people would be going to

the comment section to be looking for

more advice and a lot of you guys know

way more than I do about skincare so

feel free to give a helping hand and if

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