get rid

Rodent problem! Opossum under the house!

girls this kind of goes along with my

video that I uploaded the other day

about the snake camera but we're not

going to use it today this is another

rodent problem but we had mice for rats

but pretty sure they're Paulson's and

I'll tell you why here in a second but

anyway we have a garden tub in the

bathroom and I lock the door to keep the

cat out and we heard him banging around

the Vince I'm assuming we were walking

on top of the middle Vince underneath

but they're getting up inside the

bathtub area Wendy heard him there last

night so you have the piping that comes

up through the hub plywood underneath

the floor sits on and according to what

I was seeing in there yesterday you'll

see here shortly I think they've been

there before we just didn't realize it

but I don't know if it's going to work

but this is a something some people

online said might help we have some

ammonia generic brain always saved

momomiya in a bowl and I have a towel so

what we're going to do the flashlight in

a pocketknife or a little knife have a

little velcro door here to the

flashlight on pry this off to get to the

inside you can see me back off you see

first of all big evidence you think a

freaking dog was in their little size

that poop you can't smell it

but you can see the piping over there

and there's a big hole around the piping

where all that's coming in I can't

physically get to I remember if I fell

in this or they phone this up but

there's you can't get to the big hole

over there I'll have to attach get a kit

from I make the house later but my goal

right now is to run these little

bastards off oh well looks like I see

some eating for the sheet rock in the

back corner over there and let's get

foam wrapped around over here

and got like yeah just flew all over

it's nasty

so I'm gonna have fun trying to clean

this crap pardon the bad pun later right

now my goal is to keep them out of here

and maybe fumigated enough so that it

keeps them out of here permanently and

then once we get them run off from under

the house I can seal up I've I only

found one access underneath that we put

the stand for a second only

one access point underneath they could

get me in that I think they're getting

in but I don't want to go locking it up

till I know they're all out of there

because you don't want to seal it up and

only to find out you've got a dead

animal under the house sneaking things

up and you never smelt ammonia oh this

will burn your nose it's a someone

pulled a bad trick on my dad when he was

in his 20s I used to worry man you

worked as a mechanic and they were

always pulling pranks on each other

one mechanics took a lovely touch be

plenty took a some ammonia and put it in

a plastic or a glass cup of some kind

and put it under the backseat

the back edge it is a driver's seat and

put a piece of styrofoam not started

from piece of piece of cardboard over

the top of it I was fine till he hit the

first bump and the ammonia spilt all

over it was so bad he had to he had to

putting this the dishwasher he knew he

had to stick his head out and drive all

the way home I don't know how I get the

smell out but blue Oh

that'll clean your sinuses so whoo Wow

my definitely clean my sinuses but

hopefully I'm praying that those door

will seal the sin up and we won't be

able to smell it the seals up there will

be just good but maybe they'll keep the

little bastards out from under here and

if we hear em over the next couple days

probably call animal control

and see if they can set some traps for

us so anyway there's our entertainment

for the day and we gets a little bit

darker I'll go outside with a flashlight

and see if I can catch any possums to

run off I need to find a big stick last

time we had some they have two of them

and hit a long piece of PVC and I know

your animal advocates are screaming

right now but a long piece of PVC

plastic pipe and I just smacked the hell

out of me a lot tougher you think a

possum sounds like a cute animal they

have really long claws and they long

teeth on them and we had a tomcat that

adopted us and a few other neighbors out

a big orange tomcat this a couple years

back and you know what is definitely

mating season anyway so he was always a

little skinny but we were feed him twice

a day and then he was going down the

street mooching and wet cat food at

lunchtime and he was still skidding I'm

thinking what I had could he possibly be

skinny and my wife came home from work

one evening it was dark

and she came in the house yelling there

was a big rat outside and I went out

there's just a possum eating the cat

food and the cat sitting there watching

it and I watched it too because teeth we

made it not that big but we know at his

lungs now they open their teeth and

snarl those teeth they're they're pretty

friendly they're not very aggressive but

you know you wouldn't want those teeth

chomping down on you so between the cat

the opossum Hustons come in but I chased

him off beaten him with a PVC and I did

that thing to nights I rode me left but

at least I didn't see him anymore and I

wound up moving his food somewhere up

high so he could get to it and hopefully

they didn't get to it as much thinking

so climb anyway there you go uh we'll be

hopefully checking we won't be sorry we

will be checking you think hopefully

won't be woke up at 2:00 3:00 4:00 in

the morning with scratching and clawing

and stomping on the vents it's all metal

duct work as you saw in the video and

whatnot anyway I'll probably try to do a

follow-up video if not then I'll talk

you later okay evening have a great

weekend bye