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How To Wash Your Pork Meat At Home | Recipes By Chef Ricardo

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the kitchen anyway that's a quick thing

we're going to show you

Oh - wash your pork meat at home in your

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back today with Chef O'Connor cooking

show don't wash it or you can wash your

pork steak up on in your kitchen we did

the chicken already we're gonna show you

all together pour lovely nice so this is

the way or the pork came inside of the

plastic container right here first thing

we should want to do is get a lemon two

slices in the water and squeeze half of

it in the water like this when you go to

wash your meat make sure your surface is

very clear then we've got some this is a

dog vinegar we're gonna put roughly a

teaspoon inside of it if you go to the

shop where you want to buy the vinegar

buy this one I wanna shoot this brown

this is a let's take look these are some

around it I've got the spot his

name if you got a pan fry it will

burn off are going to open baked it they

burn off so we're gonna put it

straight in water like this next one so

they in the water put another piece a

lemon lemon now what you're gonna do is

just leave that for roughly 15 minutes

in the water all right nice so as you

can see it's look in the water you can

see start to change color and looking

totally different well over the guys are

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ever wash your meat at home nice one so

roughly about 20 minutes now I have it

in the water to soak in but the beauty

is that when you take out the meat it

feels totally different look at that

beautiful are nice so what you can do

you can just take them out of the water

and get them marinated as I can see they

looking so lovely and nice then in the

next video you will see or we marinate

it and put it on for it to soak so they

can feel a limit feel totally different

kill all of those germs and bacteria

especially when you're going to be

cooking it is gonna be totally different

nice one so guys as I said this water

loves me this water enjoy it and please

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wash your meat at home with some lemon


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