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Pores | How To Shrink Pores | How To Get Rid Of Pores

About one year ago we released the how to stop acne video, now still to this day

I honestly can't believe how well it's done the amount love it's had, the amount

of views it's had, nearly 1 million thank you! Now by far one of the most common

comments on that video was about pores and more specifically how to shrink them

so we decided let's do a full video on this topic let's begin

ok so why do we get enlarged pores well we all have pores but enlarged pores are depressions

in the facial skin that carry things like oil that carry sweat from their

respective glands so it's completely normal and enlarged pores can be seen in

all ages and all ethnicities however certain ethnicities do tend to have

larger pores for instance those of African and those of Indian ancestry

background done now let's see how we can shrink these pores

so tip number one as we age our skin

becomes less elastic and that's a normal process of ageing and there's not

actually much we can do about that but sun damage can also cause ageing of the

skin and it can lead to enlarged pores now if you live in the UK or you live in

a country with a similar climate you probably only see the sun once or twice

a year the rest of the year is always cloudy and I said that with such a

serious face but in reality we do see the sun but it is cloudy a lot at a

time and you might think to yourself well it's always cloudy I don't even see

the Sun I'm not gonna get some damage but that's where you're wrong because

these UV rays can still penetrate and it can still damage the skin so if you

haven't figured it out yet tip one is all about using a good sunscreen every

single day that protects you against both UVA and UVB radiation now if you're

thinking to yourself but Abraham which sunscreen do I buy just tell me well the

good news is I made a video on this not long ago I'll leave a link up here and in

the description below on how to buy the best sunscreen from any pharmacy what

ingredients to look out for and everything you need to know so if you

feel like you need more information on this topic feel free to watch it at the

end of this video which leads me on to tip number two have you ever heard of

sebum well if you haven't you're not missing out on much so don't worry but

it's basically the oil that we secrete from our face and scalp from our

sebaceous glands now here's the thing increased sebum

can lead to enlarged pores now sebum production depends on many things like

age it depends on gender and even weight now a lot of these you can't really do

anything about but there have been reports that if you are overweight and

if you lose weight it can help reduce sebum production and help reduce the

appearance of enlarged pores tip number three non comedogenic skincare products

which is basically a fancy word for products that aren't going to clog your

pores because when you pores clog they expand and it can make them appear much

larger so to avoid clogged pores look for any of the following terms on

skincare products that you use on your face and if you don't see them then

avoid using which moves me on to tip number four acne I'm afraid it is

associated with enlarged pore so what we need to do is keep it under control with

the correct care and treatment to avoid it from becoming inflammatory and

enlarging those pores now if you haven't seen my how to treat acne video I will

leave a link up here and in the description below for you so feel free

to watch it but please remember that if the tips aren't helping your acne is getting

worse and you are in distress then please always speak to your doctor

tip number five don't leave it remember as we age

generally speaking pores are going to get bigger so if you see no improvements

and it's not getting any better then always beat you doctor first make them

aware of this they may prescribe you some treatments because there are

treatments available that can help some of them can even reduce sebum production

that we spoke about earlier I really hope my tips help you in this week's

video and if you have any of your own tips then please share it with us leave

a comment below I'd love to read it and I'm sure everyone watching this video

would love to read it as well always remember you're awesome and I'll see you next week

products that won't clog your pores

because when your clogs, when your clogs pore?

so tip number one

and it can make your pores expere

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