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How to Get Rid of Large OPEN PORES Permanently | Anaysa

Hello... friends I am Anishka

I really like to read your comments

most of you share the problem of Open Pores

so this is the topic for today's video

what are open pores?

our skin has tiny pores and when these pores get clogged

due to excessive oil secretion

as a result of which walls of the pores get stretched

causing the problem of open pores

lets understand this way

when we inflate a balloon and

releases its air continuously 3 or 4 times

its slightly get stretched or deformed from its original shape

and thats same with our skin

when excess oil accumulates in our skin pores and

due which our skin pores get stretched

causing open pores

as this is an ongoing process so we cant

control oil production in our skin

so what we need to do is

follow such a skincare routine that not only shrink our skin pores

but also balances oil production

so today I bring for you friends a four step skincare routine

so lets start with today's video

this DIY consist of four steps and that are

for cleansing we need

mix 1tsp of fuller's earth with water

and your pack is ready

we use this face pack as a face wash

now apply this face pack properly all over your face

fuller's earth is a natural cleanser that removes excess oil, dirt and impurities from our skin

and makes our skin soft and smooth

wait until it gets dry

after drying wash your face with normal water

use such a face wash that only removes excess oil

if it remove all natural oil from your skin

this reduces glow of your skin making its dry

for toner we need

dip green tea bags in hot water and leave it for five to ten minutes

after that remove tea bags from it

now dip cotton balls in this green tea

cotton balls absorb the solution

take out the balls in a plate

now refrigerate these cotton balls

you can store them for one month

now take a cotton ball and wipe your face with that

green tea as an anti-oxidant removes excess oil, dirt and impurities from skin pores

friends if you have oily or combination skin you have to use toner

toner cleanses skin pores removing all the dirt from it

for moisturising we need

apply aloe vera gel on your face as a moisturiser

aloe vera increases water content of our skin which makes skin hydrated

and along with it makes our skin soft and supple

most of you think that if you are having oily skin then theres

no need to apply a moisturiser which is totally wrong

moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated

but you need to use oil free moisturiser as I shown in this video

last step is sun protection

you need to use a sunscreen 20 minutes before whenever you go outside

when we go in sunlight oil gets warm which damages our skin

persons with oily skin are more vulnerable to this

so we need to apply sunscreen and

use scarf, hat or umbrella to cover yourself

for best results follow this DIY skincare routine regularly

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