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Stop Pop-Up Ads on Android

hi guys welcome to one two three and in

this video we will show you how to stop

popups on your Android device okay guys

so you've been browsing the web on your

Android device and suddenly for no

reason you are getting pop-up ads now I

turned on some of the ad features on my

Android phone and here are some of the

ads that have started appearing so the

first ad was gas bottles which is not

really important to me and the next one

is tarot card reading which also I don't

really need and the next one was hiring

private offices so all these ads don't

really apply to me it's not something

I'm after the other annoying thing about

these ads too is they go full screen so

you can't actually get out of the ad

until you press on it I know otherwise

if you press back a couple of times it

will actually get you out of the ad and

that could be the really frustrating

thing about these ads so I have created

four steps for you to try and remove the

pop-up ads I suggest trying the first

step and then test your Android device

and see if that step works for you if it

doesn't come back to this video and try

the next step also I'm doing these steps

on my Samsung device if you have a

different Android device your menus

might be a little bit different but the

steps should be the same the first step

is to clear your browser data and make

sure your pop-up blockers are turned on

for whatever browser you are using on my

device I use both the default browser

and Google Chrome so this means I'll

have to change these settings on both

browsers alright so the first step here

is to open up your browser and just go

into the settings part of your browser

whichever browser you use scroll down to

privacy and security and then just go

down to delete browsing data we're just

gonna clear the cache and delete our

cookies and any site data browsing

history next just go back out of that

menu and we're looking for sites and

downloads and press on that and then

we're just going to make sure our pop-up

blocker is toggled on

once that's done there we just want to

go back out of that browser and we want

to go into our chrome browser all right

use the three

at the top and then settings so we're

doing the same thing in our Chrome

browser just scroll down to where you

see site settings find your pop-ups and

redirects just make sure that's turned

on as well

okay scroll down and go into ads and

just turn off your ads if that's on

because it will show misleading ads so

you just want to turn that off next up

we want to turn ad personalization off

and we can do this by going into the

settings on your phone then scroll down

to where it says accounts and back up go

into accounts tap on your account go

into the tab that says data and

personalization and then scroll down to

where it says add personalization now if

it's off you want to just turn it back

on and then we can turn it back off

again and then make sure you turn it off

and when you turn it off you have this

other option called visit your online

choices select that one


okay so once that's complete just scroll

down to the bottom and hit continue

alright and then it will show you a

whole list of other advertisers that you

can opt-out of so these are other

advertisers that can advertise on your

phone just select opt-out all and you go

down the bottom there you can just opt

out of those advertisers okay so that's

done there now and if you want to find

out more or understand a bit more about

what you've done you can click on the

understand your choices can have a bit

of a read there next you can tap on view

updated results and that will show you a

list of all the advertisers that you

have opted out of next go into settings

then go down to your Google account then

go into ads and just make sure that opt

out of ads personalization is turned on

okay so step two is to remove recently

installed apps and we can do that by

going into settings and then down to

apps or app management then just go

through and try and find the app that

you want to uninstall so in this case

the last one we installed was Geekbench

so I'm just going to show you how to

uninstall that now hit for stop and then

for stop again uninstall and then just

press ok when you uninstall all right so

the app is gone now so just go through

and test it and see if you are still

getting the ads popping up after the

uninstall step 3 install malwarebytes

malwarebytes is an app that can identify

and remove malware from your Android

device go to the Play Google comm site

and download and install it and we can

find that but just typing in now we're


okay so I've already got it installed so

I'm just gonna press open and the app is

going to start up okay so once it starts

up there the first thing you're going to

need to do is fix some issues so the

first thing you'll need to do is update

the database version so simply just

press on that and you'll be able to

update it once the database version is

updated you can go across to

scare now and just scan your Android

device and see if you can find any

malware on your device that could be

causing the popups

okay so malwarebytes doesn't find any

malware on my samsung galaxy device

which is good news which means there's

nothing to do here however on my Oppo

phone it did find some threats so this

is what it would look like if you did

find some malware on your phone you can

go ahead and select all items or

deselect all items and however this

touch powerful Oppo seems to be a

legitimate program so I'm not going to

remove it for now if you find some

malware on your device try googling at

first to see if it's meant to be on your

device or not if it's not go ahead and

remove it and hopefully that will remove

the ads that keep popping up on your

Android device ok guys so you've tried

all the other steps and you're still

getting pop-ups coming up on your

Android device ok so the last step that

we're going to do now and this is step 4

backup data and reset your Android

device and the first part of this is to

do a backup of all your data on your

Android device so you can do this by

going into settings scroll through until

you find your accounts and backup menu

go into backup and restore

next turn on backup my data make sure

your automatic restore is turned on and

then the next thing you'll need to do is

select a backup account where you want

to backup your data to once your Android

device has finished backing up just go

into your Google account and just double

check all the data is there before you

go to this next step of resetting your

phone back to factory defaults ok so the

last part of this step here is to go

into your settings go into general

management going to reset and then press

on factory data reset this is going to

reset your Android device back to

exactly how it was when you first

purchased the Android device so all the

data will be wiped and hopefully those

but ads will also be wiped from your

device so tap on factory data reset and

then have a read through of what data

will be erased from your Android device

and then hit reset put in your PIN code

and then your device will be set back to

factory defaults also guys if you want

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