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How To Disable All Ads In Windows 10 I Remove Annoying ads On Windows 10

hey guys welcome back to a brand new

episode of idak studio today in this

episode I am going to show you guys how

to stop and disable all and every kind

of advertisements from Microsoft on your

Windows 10 PC you guys may not know that

Microsoft is a sneaky marketing tricks

to push more and more ads on your

Windows 10 PC actually Microsoft has

taken a terrible and our terrible time

such as ads forced updates and user

monitoring and they actually looks on

your privacy and personal data to show

relevant advertisements on your Windows

10 PC and today I am going to show you

guys how to stop Microsoft from

advertising on you so guys



okay guys let's go to your internet

browser and I'll click in here and after

clicking you will see something like

this right click in here and then click

on show shop cap positions this thing

will stop them from sharing your data

and then go to start click on settings

now click on system notifications and

actions now scroll down you will see

some options named gate notifications

from apps and other senders you don't

have to read this - because charging off

will come three of them now scroll more

down in here and then you'll see often

named get tips tricks and suggestions as

you use Windows this one is one of the

spy of Windows turn it off

I think it's turned on off

now scroll down and make sure these apps

are turned off all of them this all of

the apps are spy in here now scroll I'll

cut it down and then go to my PC

then click on view click on options if

you have seen previous videos of my

nails you know know what am I going to

do click on view now scroll down slowly

and then you will see something like

this named show sync provider

notifications stop this

click apply and click ok this one's also

done go to start again click on

notifications settings sorry and then

click on personalization click lock

screen and you have if you have Susan's

pictures you will get this option but if

you have Susan with the spotlight you

will not get this option I am gonna show

you guys what to do in here even if you

have Susan slideshow you will get that

option right down in here just wait for

it it's coming

you can see that option is now in here

with the slideshow option name get fan

sex tips and more from windows and

Cortana on your lock screen just turn

this off this one is the spy from

Microsoft be sure about this that is not

also available on picture it's turned

off let's see if it is available on

windows spotlight - I'm sure it is not

available in here let's just finish it

no it's not available in here now cross

it down now you have done half of your

works and more than half of your works

to stop spying on of Microsoft on you

now click on Start menu again there's

another work lift click on settings

now click on the devices pane and

windows Inc show recommended absolutions

time this off if you have updated or you

are in the anniversary updates in here

there you will see something like this

windows in incorporation that's actually

Windows Inc and if you see that option

right in here named Windows Inc just

turned it off and if you want to learn

more about you losing that how much or

how bigger window spy or spy this is and

just click in here learn about windows

Inc and that will say something about it

just read intelligently you will know

how how bigger spy is this windows Inc

just turn it off as much as soon as you

see in here so guys this was it and by

this method you are stopping Microsoft

from advertising on you are looking on

your privacy and I have uploaded another

video named how to stop Windows from

spying on you it will see that video

link on the description box and and on

the first or pin comment go to there to

learn more about spying of Windows about

about spying off Windows on you and how

to stop it

I have described it on that video too so

guys this or is it thanks for watching

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